Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Wonderful Day for a World Fair

Hello crafty bloggers!

Leanne has been playing with the fabulous colours and designs of Graphic 45's World Fair collection. These are the gorgeous card she created for us.......

Thank you Leanne...... I do so love those hot air balloons!!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!
Aunty Vera :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Australia Day 2016

Hello Crafty Bloggers and Happy Australia Day! I hope today is a fabulous day for all - I'll be spending a lot of it outdoors enjoying the fabulous weather that we are blessed with. And I'll try to get some crafting in too :)
Team Designer Amira has made some great Australian cards for us today. Take a look.......

Happy Australia Day everyone!!!

I wanted to stop by and share some cards I made with the theme "Australia" in mind.
Not necessarily Australia Day cards, but Australian cards that can be used for any occasion to send to family and friends both here in Aus or internationally.

I used this gorgeous Kaptain Kangaroo steel die by Cheery Lynn Designs

I tried to use a variety of techniques with this die to show you just how many different kinds of cards you can make with one die, so I will take you through each card by technique.

1- Use the die-cut

Obviously, the first thing you would think of doing would be to just cut out a kangaroo and this is exactly what I did.  

I cut him out of white card stock and did a faux-fur coat using my Tim Holt Distress ink (Gathered Twigs).

Look at his cute face !!

Here is a look at my "distressing" and a close up of the "G'day" sentiment within the die cut. You can also see that I popped him up on some foam tape. Oops, didn't hide that one too well!!

At the bottom of the card, I used my grass die to cut 3 strips of "grass" and then I layered them to make them look like Skippy was walking on lush grass (obvsiouly, NOT in the harsh bushland).

I then added a "Hello" sentiment (just in case no-body spoke Australian and didn't know that G'day was our way of saying hello *teehee*) as well as a scalloped border on the side.

2- Stencil Technique

So here, I put down the card stock that had the kangaroo cut out of and used it as a stencil.

I used my distress ink (Ground Espresso)  once again to "pounce" within the stencil until Kanga was all formed.

I also inked the bottom of the card with Mowed Lawn to give the hint of grass but then decided to put down the grass die as well (because I love that die!!!)

Did you notice the cloud??

Love cloud dies!!! I inked them with Broken China.

And the sentiments come from this Kaisercraft die set called Hello.

3. Mask Technique

This technique was a bit of an epic fail but I did manage to salvage the card. So my intention was to use the die as a mask that everything around it would be coloured in leaving a crisp white background but it didn't work too well so I covered up the epic fail with a gold Kangaroo!!

I made my own watercolour background which I really enjoyed making! Then stencilled in with gold spray mist. I then put down the Kangaroo die-cut and put on a layer of white gesso paint. The idea was that everything would be whited out and the watercolour background would show up in the form of a kangaroo but it didn't turn out that way. I tried to outline the shape but that looked horrible, so I ended up cutting another kangaroo die out of gold card stock and pasting it on top.
Note to self: "need more practice with this technique"!

Here is a closer look at my background with the gold stencilling and white gesso attempt!

And here is some fancy photography filter applied to the image!

Love how intense the colours look <3

4. Use the negative space 

In this card, I actually used the die to cut out a piece of the card I was using and then backed the inside with starry paper. I really love the simplicity that this technique offered.

Love this hello stamp. 
Its from the My Year, My Story Collection stamp set.

 5. Die-cut fill in

This was another super quick and super simple card to make. Once again, I die-cut straight into the card I was using and fitted in a kangaroo die (that I had cut from brown card stock). So instead of the die sitting on the card front, it is a part of the card itself.

I also backed the "G'Day" sentiment with polka dot paper but you could choose to leave it as a window into the inside of the card.

Add a few embellishments and the card is done!

6. Layered card fronts

The next 3 cards are all layered card fronts where I chose a paper with dimensions 1/4" less than the actually card and then layered on elements to design the card.

The following card has a bit of a a pen-pal / friendship theme going for it.

I used my little bits of endless ephemera to layer. 
This ticket, that envelope and the cut apart sentiment.

Here is kangaroo telling his pen-pals just how much he appreciates them :)

G'day mates!

This next card is a GGG card!!
Go Glitter Girl!!
I loved how it turned out!
This is Ms Kanga putting on her finest and strutting it out for the girls!

I did a cluster of embellishments at the top which I absolutely love!

And this is me attempting to be a magazine editor and photoshopping Ms Kanga to make her look glamorous !! LOL

Last card has a bit of a travel theme. 
Very simple one again.
Kangaroo die-cut and layered embellishments.

So here is my collection of cards all together.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!
Hoe you found some inspiration here.


What a fabulous set of cards Amira! I so love Ms Glitter Kanga! But really - I love them all!!

Happy Australia Day friends, have a good one!
Aunty Vera :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

To express or not to express

Hello friends!
Today on the blog we look at faceless stamps......... and the possibility of giving them expressions.
Team Designer Amira had fun (and I suspect I'm using that word experimenting with Julie Nutting's Expressions stamps.
Take a look at the results.......

Dear Crafty Readers,

I have been watching these cute expression stamps by Julie Nutting and have been wondering how wonderful they really are and so it was with great interest that I recently got one!!
Here is what they look like in their packaging.

And here they are all stamped out:

I must say they are very very cute!!

So I was SO EXCITED to break out my Julie Nutting Doll Stamps and get to making some awesome dolls.

 But I soon realised that there was a problem!!
The expressions are as big and even bigger than the dolls face!!

You can see it before you start stamping!

 The clear acrylic sheet the stamps are mounted on also have the expression printed on them so you can align the "expression" to see how it will look like before you stamp it.


 Lets try a different doll and lets try stamping anyway.
Here is Nikki...

Oh my! She looks like a clown I'm afraid.
Next expression...

Nope..that doesn't work either.


Lets try a different doll.
Here is Megan ...

That hair style is just not conducive to these expressions!!

Which is why I went back to Morgan with her hair swept back behind her head band.

I think it works. Just barely.
Those eye brows though!
I don't like them all the way up there!

This expression fits within her face but.....
 I think its her mouth.
It makes her look clownish!

Now believe it or not, the expressions worked really well on the boy stamp Aidan!

The boy stamps have larger heads and so the expressions fit very well within the face.

Problem is, the expressions are female-like (long eyelashes and pouty lips) so unless Aidan is going to be used as a girl, I really don't think they will work well on him!

 Even Mermaid Sally wasn't impressed!

Mermaid Sally: Seriously??
Artist Amira: Ok alright, I was just testing it!

This expression fits her face although, it doesn't fit the elegant demeanour she portrays in my head.

So this got me thinking, just because they are Julie Nutting Stamp Expressions doesn't mean they should solely be used on Julie Nutting Stamps right?

I mean, could I use them on another girl stamp?
Say like this one over here?

I realise I should tread carefully here.
These Gorjuss girls are beloved by so many people (many of my friends in fact) and I may offend some of them if I make these girls look bad.

Lets see how they fair.

Oh dear!! She looks too sad.
I didn't try TOO hard to remove her existing eyes since this was just a quick trial but I don't know how I feel about it. 
I always imagine these Gorjuss girls to be so upbeat 
but this expression makes her look upsetting :(

Lets try the next one:

SO different than how I am used to seeing her looking.

Next expression (I tried really hard to erase the existing eyes here):

So hard to decide...What do you think???

Personally, I think the best way to use these expressions is to draw your own character like this cute munchkin below.

That way, you don't have conflicting feelings like I did with my pre-existing and well loved stamps whether they be Julie Nutting or Gorjuss.

Do you have these expression stamps?
How do you use them?
I'd love to know.
Please leave a comment below.
Thanks for stopping by...

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