Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rudolph card packs just arrived

Reindeers are pretty big at my place. With all the fun of the Silly Season, it's always the reindeer who are well and truly the silliest. Last year they got into our freezer on Christmas Eve when all the family were asleep. They ate some of the ice-cream cake, left a terrible chocolate ice-cream mess on the kitchen counters, and wrote crazy (and mis-spelt) messages on the kids' notes to Santa. Nothing sillier than a reindeer on a chocolate high!!

So I was pretty excited when I saw these great card packs from 2Crafty. Each pack has four 'Rudolphs' that can be used on your Christmas cards or layouts. With a bit of imagination you can really have some fun with these. I'm thinking napkin rings, place-cards....the whole Christmas table gone mad and silly with reindeers!

They are available now in my Christmas aisle.

:) Aunty Vera

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome to Aunty Vera's Blog!!

Ok, it's big. It's scarey. But Aunty Vera has finally done it.
Welcome to my blog!!

Here you will find the latest and greatest as it hits the e-shelves. All my latest scrap and craft goodies as they arrive. Well, that's the plan anyway.
Also ideas and how to's - what to do with those scrapbooking goodies once you've bought them and added them to your stash.

And heaps of other fun stuff! Exclusive specials, competitions and give-aways. So keep checking back and tell your friends. It's going to be loads of fun :)

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