Friday, July 28, 2017

For the LOLs - Amira's Interactive Tag and Frame Cards

Hello Crafty Friends and Happy Friday!

It's time for our final July CT project before we head into the weekend and sneak peeking of our August Kit.
Today Amira creates a set of interactive cards and - OMG! - I just keep looking at them over and over again...... they're like... magic! REALLY!! Take a look......

Hello Crafty friends,

Today, I wanted to play with this card stock Tag Frames Pack by Pebbles

Find this tag pack here

When you open the pack, it contains 12 elements that look like this:

I decided to make cards with these elements using different techniques and achieving different results.

Card 1- Smile

You'll remember this card from my last post.

The background was achieved using a "smooching "technique using Distress Oxide  (in Fossilised Amber) as then stamped using the Doodle Stamp set. 
I then stamped one of the Hipster stamps (purchased separately from the kit) and used a circle die to die-cut the head and then mounted it with 3D foam tape to give it a bit of dimension.
I coloured the stamp in with Prima water colors and layered the newsprint frame with more foam tape.
I used the "smile" from a Kaisercraft Block die set to give the card it's sentiment.
Lastly, I mounted the card front onto a red card base.

I love this card because it looks like a newspaper editor had to get his photo taken for a column and he wasn't too happy about it.

Card 2- Shaker Card ~ This is the life 

This card was inspired by one of the cut apart from the 12"x12" double sided patterned paper "Vertical elements". 

It's a typical mobile phone conversation that just had to immortalised in a shaker card.

I cut some clear acetate to fit the window of the tag "this is the life" and secured it down with double sided tape.
I then mounted all sides of the frame with 3D foam tape, added sequins of different colors plus some cute hello kitty mini charms and then sealed the frame onto the 4" x 6" cut apart.

I mounted the card front onto a red card base and then layered the red and black chevron washi tapes on the bottom right hand corner.

Shake, shake, shake!

Card 3 - 'thank you' Interactive Slider Card

This interactive card is a different version of the "magic slider card" technique.

I loved THE VERSION by Paula from Craftables.
After making several awesome cards for my boys, I adapted it to a quicker interactive version.

This card is actually 2 components that go together to become interactive.

For the Gorjuss component, I cut out a 3.5" x 3.5" panel of clear acetate to fit the window of the frame.
I then stamped a mini Gorjuss girl on that acetate.

I then stamped the same Gorjuss on blank card stock and attached the 2 pieces with a file tab at the top left hand corner.

I cut out a separate piece of patterned card stock measuring 4" x 9.5" and score in half to make a top folding card.

To one side I add a strip of thin (1/8th) double sided tape on either end (see picture below).
To the other, I emboss a 3.75" x 4.75" piece of white card stock with a floral embossing pattern and stick it down to the front of the card.

I adhered this top loading card front to a 5" x 4.15" black card stock. 

This area is now an opening for the Gorjuss interactive element of the card to pop in and out of.
Now time to play!!

The clear acetate goes on top of the embossed card stock so you have a plain uncoloured image.

And when you pull the tab, you see the image color before your very eyes. 

A few embellishments like the "thank you" ticket stub, the butterfly die-cut and the lipstick kiss sticker on the acetate add so much character to this interactive card.

Card 4- Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

This card is done a little differently.

The base card measures 9" x 3.5" and is scored @ 4.5" to make a top folding card.

Since the open window of my frame is 3"x 3", I cut out some clear acetate to measure 3.5" x 3.5".
To this, I stamped a Gorjuss girl using Staz On ink.

I then placed the stamped acetate over the open window of this frame, then mounted the frame with double sided  tape along 3 sides leaving the top open.

I then secured the frame to the base card and added a few embellishments from my stash to the acetate and the front cover of the card.

To create the insert, I embossed white card with Kaisercraft's "Roses" folder then added a few "splotches" of water color for a fun effect.

A tab along the top of the embossed white card stock indicates to the user that this is an interactive element that can be pulled out.

Card 5- Interactive Pocket Slider Card ~ Selfie

Another interactive card, this time using the horizontal tag.

I cut patterned paper to the dimensions 10.5" x 5.5" and scored it to get 3 identical panels.

In the middle panel, I used a rectangle die to cut out a window that was about the same size of the tag I was using.
I then added a window frame to cover up the sliding mechanism.

I then constructed my Gorjuss Interactive Element as before this time using a tag instead of a frame.

I followed the slider mechanism as in the tutorial done by Paula.

This is the hidden coloured image underneath the layers of the card obstructed by the patterned paper.
Note the stop mechanism to prevent the whole thing from pulling all the way out.

This is the inside of the card where the clear acetate goes in over the patterned paper.
I wanted to use patterned paper this time instead of the embossed paper or plain paper as a change.
Also note the thin double sided sticky tape as far as possible from the sliding mechanism.

Flip over the middle portion of the pattern paper and you get to see the Gorjuss girl through that open window that you die cut in the first portion of the card.

This flip over again to form an interactive pocket slider Gorjuss Card

Card 6- Hey There

This card is a simple tag card.
The tag is adhered to a 5.5" x 5" side folding base card in a U formation with double sided sticky tape. 
For the open window of the tag, I embossed white card stock with Kaisercraft folder "Handwritten" and then adhered it to the tag.

I then cut a frame out of red card stock and place it on top of the tag frame.
A few embellishments like the wood camera, the butterfly embellishment and some stickers finish off the card along with the banner sentiment "Hey There!".

For the interactive element,  I stamped a mini Gorjuss girl on a 3.5" x 2" frosted vellum sheet which I attached a tab to.

It can slip right into the tag to cover up the embossing panel front but it is sheer enough to still see the embossed pattern.

Uncolored Gorjuss interactive element

I went the extra step to color her in.

Card 7 - Friends, Selfie, Hello

This final card uses up the photo reel picture frames.
I cut up a piece of acetate large enough to cover the open window frames and attached the frame in a "C" formation with double sided sticky tape to the striped patterned paper.

I cut 3 panels of Nina white Solar paper @ 2.5" W x 1 7/8" H.
To each of these I added a tab, stamped and coloured a different mini Gorjuss girl.
These are the interactive elements of this card.

I then attached that to the black patterned paper which is adhered to the 4" x 8" card base as a side loading pocket which means I only adhered 3 sides down (once again "C" formation).

If you would like to see these pictures, I have a video HERE.

I hope you give interactive cards a go.
They are a lot of fun.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lolly's Book of LOLs

Hello Crafty Friends!

I'm so happy that the postal service finally got Lolly's kit delivered. We couldn't have a month of LOL-ing without LOL-LY!!
Check out Lolly's fabulous Book of LOLs... it's so much fun!!

Well, I tend to make a lot of book-type crafts.  It's an addiction.  I just kept thinking that this paper collection needs to be made into a "Book of LOLs,"  and as I started crafting with it, I became more convinced that this was needed!   :)  

I made a 4" by 6" book with the holes punched on the short side.  I went with two loose rings so that pages (or photos) could be added at a later date.  After all, whenever something else is fun or funny, it needs to go in the Book of LOLs.  Here are a few of the pages in my book, and I hope they bring some happiness and LOL to you, too!

The cover is made from the distress oxide in the kit -- fossilized amber.  This is my first time playing with the oxides, and I loved it.   I didn't do anything too difficult -- I just rubbed the oxide pad across the left side of the watercolor paper, then misted it with water and let the ink drip down to the other side.  Then I stamped on the right side with the Bo Bunny stamps in the kit, and I colored it in with the oxide as well.

I liked the roll of bathroom tissue, so I cut it up and used it in one of the photo frames.  Let's keep going -- I'm on a roll!

I loved the cut aparts in this kit.  Some are 4X6, which is perfect, but some are smaller, so I left one set of three attached and just made a pop-out of them.

Now, we can't have a fun book without a SHAKER!  :)   Shakers make me happy, so here we go!

I really like pockets, and this one needed some stitching and zig zag on it!

I knew that I just had to transform one of the emoji poops, so I trimmed the bottom of the poop and made it look more like it could be frosting on a cupcake.   I hand cut the "sprinkles" and made the cupcake paper -- I show how in the video!

Okay, I KNOW you are laughing at that one, but I solemnly testify that this poop emoji has been transformed into an upstanding citizen now!

I love this double pocket card and the fold-out cards in them.  Having food stickers on the card pocket is a bonus!

his washi is the best I've ever used for making fold-outs.  It actually holds it together!

There are more pages in this book, and you can see the whole book and the interactions in the pages HERE. Check it out to see the acetate window and the RAG CURLS on my emoji head!

Thank you for joining me in my FUN journey with this bright and silly (silly is GOOD) kit!  I think you'll like it!

Check out the kit on Vera's website HERE.

Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, July 24, 2017

For the LOL's - Suzanne's Small Traveler's Notebook / Journal

Hello Crafty Friends!
We have a fun week ahaed with lots of OMG projects from our fabulous Creative Team.
Today Suzanne focuses on that super cute Emoji Love paper collection from Simple Stories to create  a fabulous laminated Traveler's Notebook / Journal.

Using the July kit from Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft has been lots of fun and for this project I decided to make a small travelers notebook/journal.  I had a small 2017 Diary that I found at a local discount store and decided I would use it as a guide for the size of the notebook/journals. 

small diary from discount store

The small diary measures 3 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/4 inches high.

I chose some of the paper from the Emoji Love collection to make a cover for the traveler's notebook/journal and cut it about 1/2 inch taller and 1 1/4 inches wider than the small diary cover.  I then laminated this piece of paper.

the paper I chose to laminate for the cover

the laminated cover trimmed closely to the edge of the paper
 I then scored the paper at 3 3/4, 4 1/2,  so that the cover has a 3/4 inch spine
the cover of the notebook/journal

I used a small punch to make the holes required in the cover
 I punched the holes 1/4 inch from the top and bottom of the cover and 1/4 inch apart from each other
three holes 1/4 inch apart both top and bottom and one hole in the middle of the spine
 I then threaded the cover with elastic.  To do this I start on the outside and choose one of the top holes to start threading and go through the back first and then go down to the bottom, then across the outside to the next hole, push in to the inside and then up to the top, then across to the next hole and down to the bottom.  Now take the elastic back to the middle hole and push it through to the inside and make sure you have enough elastic to reach the centre of the cover.  The top piece of elastic should also go across to the centre hole and though to the inside of the cover and meet the other end in the centre of the cover.  Make sure the elastic is tight enough to hold your inserts but not that tight that it pulls your cover inwards.  This gives you four strands of elastic on the inside of the journal, so that four inserts can be added.

I also used another piece of elastic for the centre hole to use as the closure.  You just need a piece of elastic long enough to go around the journal to hold it closed.  Push both ends of the elastic to the inside of the cover and check that it can stretch over the journal and form a firm closure.

the outside of the cover should look like this
Next, I  made three little booklets for the inside of the cover.  I cut the papers the same size as the small diary.  Each book consists of one cover from the emoji love decorative paper from the July kit and also 10 pieces of copy paper, to give it 20 pages plus the front and back cover.

one of the covers

ten pieces of copy paper cut to the correct size and folded in half

the cover and pages ready to be sewn together
 Before sewing the pages into the cover I used my  Tim Holtz ruler to find the centre and then 2 inches each side.  I mark these spots with a pencil

marked centre and 2 inches each side

I use a large needle to push through the papers ready to start sewing them together

I use a small needle and some overlocker thread and start in the centre hole

Go through to the back and up to the top of the booklet and back into the inside

Now go down to the bottom hole and through to the back

now back to the centre making sure that the thread is on the other side of the centre string.  Your loose thread should be on one side of the thread and the end your working with should be on the other side so that you can tie a knot on top of the centre thread.

tie a knot several times to secure the booklet

 Here I have added each small booklet to the inside of the cover

insert 1

insert 2

insert 3

the three inserts that I made
 Here is the finished project.  I added some beads and charms  and a bow to the closure.  I have also used some of the cute emoji paper clips on each booklet.  And of course, I also added a flower to the cover with some E6000.

I hope you enjoyed this project.

You can see a tutorial of how I made this cover and booklet HERE.
You can get the July kit from Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft HERE.
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