Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lolly's Color Burst Backgrounds

Hello Crafty Friends

Let's finish up our month of crafty fun with a burst of colour!
Today Lolly creates some fabulous cards with Color Burst backgrounds. Just gorgeous!

I have been looking forward to playing with the Color Burst, and I finally got some play time!

This first card is mounted on kraft card stock and layered with ribbons, buttons, and word cut-aparts from the kit, plus an adventure badge image I bought from Silhouette Design Store.

On this one, I added a white lacy die cut that was a gift, and I also die cut some flowers from another piece of color-burst background.   Loving those flowers!  A little strip of leftover BoBunny paper and a yellow mat bring it to life.

 I think this is my fav!  It's so simple.  I embossed a circular "thank you" stamp onto the watercolor paper before playing with the color burst, and the embossing resisted the color.  Once dry, I stamped in the middle with Lawn Fawn premium ink pad in jet black, which is accented even more by the black mat.

I cut apart this background into three strips and mounted them with space between them before adding elements from the kit and a digital compass that I designed.

And lastly, this card has a paper lace and ribbon strip, and a word strip and flower from the kit!   The flower is a beautiful addition to the black and blue look.

I filmed the process of playing and making backgrounds.  You can watch HERE.

The color burst and other KIT supplies can be purchased HERE.

I hope you enjoyed that little BURST of color!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Going on a Bear Hunt - Amira's One Page Bear Mini Album

Hello Crafty Friends!
How is your weekend going? Have you found some time to craft? Need inspiration?
Ok then... grab yourself one sheet of 12x12" paper... yes ONE sheet...... and join Amira in making a fabulous mini album. SO much fun!!!

Dear Crafters,

Today I am here to show you how I made this ADORABLE! Bear Mini Album using just 1 sheet of 12" x 12" patterned paper!

This album also uses a TON! of washi tape (good stash buster) and also has a cascading ribbon feature down the side for heaps of interactive fun!

Now, there are so many ways out there of making mini albums from one sheet of paper.
I got my inspiration from a docrafts video, but I altered it slightly to make it my own.

Lets get started!

First Ill show you how I put together this bear!

I used this adorable bear die from the August Kit

He was very easy to color in and assemble.

You can watch me do that in the first part of the video HERE

I enjoyed making LOTS of bears ....

... in all colors!

You can also have fun with the bear sign included in the set!
It looks like the bears had their own demonstration this week :)

One Page Mini Album 

To make the album pages

Pull out a 12" x 12" Sheet of patterned card stock
This is a G45 one I've had in my stash for a long time.

It is double sided so here is what the back looked like

Cut the paper @ 4" 
So now you have 2.
Hold on to the smaller piece- you'll need that for the cover of the your album.

With the 8" x 12" piece, fold in half one way...

.. then fold in half the other way.

You should have something that looks like this..

Flatten this down and draw a line along the crease line in the middle between 3" and 9"

Slit this with your  cutting tool or scalper knife.

Apply double sided tape as indicated on the opposite side.

You will know need to manipulate the paper so that you can bring it into this formation.
Watch me do it in the video HERE

Line up your edges and burnish really well to mould your album into form.

Go washi crazy!
I added a different washi to each outer page of the album.

Next, I created a cascading ribbon feature using the ribbon set from the August Kit.

I cut about 1/2" of each and using my mini stapler, stapled a ribbon to each page.


 To make the cover

For the cover, use your 4" x 12" piece that you cut from Step 1.
Fold in half this way....

Fold in towards the middle crease mark like this..

.. then turn the 2 inner edges to meet the outside of the paper like this.

I flipped it over because I wanted the lighter pattern to be my cover.

Next, fold in that flap and add double sided tape along the bottom

Remove backing and burnish down.
Repeat on other side.

This is the cover of your mini album

Next we need to bind the album into the cover.

For this, I used an open stapler and a large eraser.
Watch how I do this is my video if you need more guidance.

I then added double sided tape along the spine...

...and some washi tape to hide the staple and make it more decorative.

Lastly, I used my 1" round punch along the top for a more decorative finish.

Cover decoration

This pattern paper, although I love it, is very busy so I used a piece of vellum and stamped some journaling lines for some interest in the background.

I then layered some embellishments (butterfly and ticket),  added my bear and his sign (plus the grass with Nuvo crystal drops) and it was complete!

Here is my Bear One Page Mini Album.

So quick and easy, I made a few.

If you love bears, you'll love this die.
If you love making little booklets you'll love this quick and easy method.
Thank you so much for tuning in.
Here's the video (one more time eh!)

Happy crafting,

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Going on a Bear Hunt - Suzanne's 3 Teddy Bears Picnic Baskets

Hello Crafty Friends!
I hope your weekend is off to a relaxed and crafty start.
Today Suzanne takes her bears on a little picnic.... complete with picnic baskets to hold all their bear treats!

The August kit from Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft is all about going on a Bear hunt, but I wanted to change it up a bit and have a teddy bears picnic instead of a Bear Hunt.   So here are my picnic baskets made with some paper from the Bobunny Weekend Adventures collection from the August kit.

I made a few basket all different sizes.  Two of them are made with dies that I own and the other two are just made using a scoreboard and scissors and it is really very easy.

Basket 1.
The first basket I made is the largest basket and I used my sizzix bigz die.  I used some cardstock to cut all the pieces and then I cut it out again with the BoBunny paper from the August kit and glued the paper to the cardstock.

I used the sizzix bigz die to cut the carkstock

I also cut some of the weekend adventures papers from the August kit

glued the paper to the cardstock
Once the glue has dried you can fold the pieces ready to glue them together
fold on the score lines
glue it all together
the basket put together

construct the handle
I used brads on each side of the handle so that the handle can move and then glued this to the basket side
the finished basket

Basket 2
The second basket I made is the middle sized basket, and for this one you will only need your scoreboard and scissors.
First you need a 6 x 6 inch piece of paper.  Score this at the 2 and 4 inch mark.  turn 90 deg and score at the 2 and 4 inch mark again so that your piece of paper is divided into 9 equal sized squares. 

scored at 2 and 4 inch
Cut up two sides to the 2 inch marks on two sides as shown below
Next cut each of the end squares in half also down to the 2 inch mark.

For the centre section, mark the middle then draw a line to the intersection and cut these pieces out so that you have a triangle shape left.  Draw some lines on the four inside flaps about 1/4 inch down and cut these pieces off also.

here you can see the lines that have been drawn 1/4 inch down the inside flap.  This has to be cut off.

1/4 inch piece has been cut off the four inside flaps
Now fold all the score lines and fold the two longer outside pieces together.  They should overlap.  Depending on how big and open you want your basket, will depend on how much you overlap these flaps.

flaps overlapped and glued together

now fold the two shorter flaps up over the already glued outer flaps.  They will go up over the edge of the basket but they will later be cut off.

Now fold the triangle piece up on the outside.  It will also go up over the edge of the basket.  You can now cut these overlapping pieces off in line with the top of the basket.
Cut two 1 1/4 inches circles and fold them in half to cover over the edges of the folded up pieces

For the handle, cut two 1/2 inch x 6 inch pieces of card and punch holes in both ends about 1/4 inch from both ends

Punch holes down about 1/4 inch from the edge of the basket on both sides of the basket and attach the handles with brads so that they will move.  You can round the end of the handles if you want to.

Here is the finished basket

See the video link below for how to make this basket.

Basket 3
The third basket is also made with a die and is super simple.  I used the paper from the August kit to make this basket.  You have to cut the die twice and glue it together.

glued together
Add the handle with brads so that it can move.
the finished basket

Here are the three finished baskets with teddies

Now just for the fun of it I made another basket.  It is a very small basket made in the same manner as basket 2.  I made it with a piece of paper that was 3 inches x 3 inches because Tiny Teddy wanted to get in on the action and so I decided to do a photoshoot with tiny teddy and some gorgeous little resin food pieces that I purchased recently.  I just thought it was too cute for words.  Hope you like it.

Here is tiny teddy on his picnic rug with his basket of yummy goodies.  He just needs a friend to help him eat it all.

You can see the video on how to make basket number 2 HERE.

You can get the August kit from Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft HERE.

xx Suzanne xx

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