Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goodbye February with Lolly's Happy Mail Hearts

Hello again Crafty Friends!

As promised.... our second project post for the day! Say goodbye to February with Lolly's gorgeous Happy Mail Hearts........

It's time for some ribbon and happy mail therapy!  :)   I hope you can come play along.
I wanted to play some more with the sweet Love Letters stamps by Lawn Fawn and the Waffle Flower envelope stamp.

I cut apart four 5" strips of the ribbon in the kit and glued them pattern side down on a foam piece with a hot glue gun.  Here's what they look like when glued.

And here is the back side.

Then I flipped it back over again to the front and glued the end of each ribbon to the base of the neighboring ribbon, like this.

I repeated the process until all the ribbon ends were glued in place.  Then I glued the ribbon embellishment on the heart doily from the kit, and I used Worn Lipstick distress ink on the edges of the doily.  It really makes it pop!  I made a second one, and I used Seedless Preserves distress ink on the edges for that one, and it's a perfect match to the ribbon I used.

Now for stamping!  YAY!  I stamped out the little envelope from Waffle Flower and attached that to the center with a pop dot, and I stamped and die cut the thought bubbles, fountain pens, and ink bottles.  They are soooo cute!

After the die cutting was done, I glued them onto the doilies.   They are ready to go!    These are great pre-made embellishments to have on hand for projects.  They can be quickly glued onto a card base or journal cover when needed.

If you want to see more detail and ideas on making the ribbon flower, watch the video HERE.

To purchase supplies for this project, visit Aunty Vera

Thank you for playing along.  Have a crafty day!


Hello, I Love you - Amira's February Project #4

Wow Wow Wow! Naughty February has rushed along and is not giving us enough days to post all the LOVEliness from our Creative Team... so we have a treat for you, TWO projects today! One now.... one this evening - well evening for us Down Under, start of the last day of February for our Northern Hemisphere friends ;)

So this morning...... Amira plays with the Lawn Fawn 'Happy Mail' die and shows us how this weird looking flat thing becomes the cutest ever mail box!


Welcome back to Project #4 from the February Kit 
(this kit just keeps on giving and giving)

So this GORGOUES die is by Lawn Fawn!!!

I was so excited to get my hands on it!!

Did you see what Lolly did with it?
Check it out here

Did you see what Donna did with it?
Check that out here

My blog post today is not so much a project as it is a how to assemble post.
You can watch the video here if you are more of a visual person.

I did go through the motions of die-cutting everything out in the correct color card stock in the tutorial, but for this photo tutorial, I will just show you how i did it with plain white card stock and how you can color it to your heart's desire.

This is what the die looks like when you take it out of the package.

I decided to NOT snip off the little bits. I was sure I would lose them and I want to show you how it looks like if you do NOT snip them off. You can still make the post box work for you.

Here is what it looks like.

I used black soot to make it a black post box.

For the lever, I used fired brick.

For the stand, I used gathered twigs.

For the letter, I die cut 2 and just exchanged the 2 pieces so that the heart was a different color to the envelope. 

Once gain, you can choose to snip the heart or leave it attached.

For the inside of the post box, I decided to ink the exposed white with shaded lilac.

Now its time to assemble.
If you place the panel with the lever/smiley face towards the back of the post box, you can fold it down on itself and it will not be revealed in your project.

As long as your project will be taped onto something, the back will not be seen.

This is what it looks like when it is all taped down.

See you can't see the cut outs!

Now just add the red lever flag...

And it looks great!

Now just add an envelope...

So cute!!
Here they are, side by side, the postbox die-cut from coloured card stock on the right and the postbox die -cut from white card stock and then inked up on the left.

Did you notice I put an eyelet in this postbox so I can rotate that lever up and down??

I love how it turned out :)

Thank you so much for tuning in to this final project for the February Kit.
If you wanted to watch the video process, please find it here 

Happy crafting,

Monday, February 27, 2017

All The Leaves Are Brown...... March Sneak Peek!

Hello Crafty Friends!

Well the end of February has snuck up on us....... but that's not really surprising since February is that awful cheaty month with not enough days to get things done....lol.

Here's a sneak peek of our March Kit - All the Leaves Are Brown... can you guess what kind of goodies are in the box?

Aunty Vera :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hello, I Love You: 10 Little Luv Notecards - Amira's February Project #3

Hello and Happy Weekend to our Crafty Readers!

The end of the month is almost here but we still have lots of love to share!
Today Amira shows us 10 little LUV notecards... and they're just adorable!!

Hello Crafty Friends,

I sat down this weekend to make some cute little luv cards (to send to my crafty friends and family)  using some of the products from February's Kit.

I love the embellishment pack SO MUCH.
The sentiments are very sweet and humorous and the graphics are just so adorable it wasn't hard at all sitting down to make 10 cards.
I also love the washi book!!
They co-ordinate so well together.

Card 1- I want to chill with you

These card bases are all 4"x4".
I used regular kraft card stock.

Background paper from my stash at 3.75" x 3.75".

Another layer of pattern paper at 3" x 3".

This is a die-cut from a Sizzix set I purchased last year called Scribbles and Splat.

Embellishment from the pack.
Notice I chose the colours of the background papers to co-ordinate with the colours of muffin.

And of course, some washi!

So simple- yet effective.
And so cute.

 Card 2 - Hearts

This is a cut apart from the G45 collection Mon Amour (released 2016).

Add an embellishment.

 Add some washi.

I stapled a piece of ribbon (from the kit) as a tab here.
It adds another element to look at.

I like how this card turned out.
 Can I call it modern vintage?

 Card 3- You make my heart melt

Another hoarded card stock that got used in this project.
Pin stripe pink and gold foil (hurts just a bit).

Add a layer from the scrap bucket.

 Another layer from the scrap bucket.

 This is another die-cut from that Sizzix Set Scribbles and Splat

Add melting ice cone embellishment.

Just so cute!

Card 4- I'm stuck on you

I'm still not sure if this card worked out or not so let me know please!

Love this cute patterned paper
Add a gorgeous lace heart doily.

Another cut apart from G45 Mon Amour- it says...

Let me count the ways.....

 .....I'm stuck on you.

Please tell me I pulled it off!
I love that little band aid!
It's like a combination of classy and cheesy LOL
Lets call it Classic Cheese LOL
I don't know!
Was just playing around and having fun :)

I ALSO toyed with this idea of a card ....

but I wasn't so sure that I would have been able to combine this playful quote and this classic image so I haven't stuck it down yet.

Do you think I could/should do it?

Card 5- You're the jam

Here's a card that came together when I wasn't really paying attention. 
It just happened.
It's how easy making these little notecards are really.

I blinked and missed taking pictures of each stage...LOL
But you can tell that it's pretty simple!
Wouldn't you love to get a card like this in the mail?
Happy Mail indeed.

Card 6- I love you, love you more

Oh how I adore this one!

The little baby is whispering in mom's ear that he loves her and she loves the baby more!
Too precious.


This happened!
I pulled out the BIG GUNS!!

My previously hoarded Gorjuss card making kit!
And I'm SO glad I did.
Look at these gorgeous cards I came up with.

Card 7- I love you berry much

I totally adore this berry much!!!

Card 8 - I like you and Naps

Can we just stop for a moment and say a big WOW to this amazing lacey heart doily!
Available from Aunty Vera too.

I don't know what it is but putting things on an angle really speaks to me.

I adore this quote!
It's so me at the moment.
I get home from work and you'll find me in bed.
With Netflix of course :)
Oh dear, I have said too much.
Next card!

Card 9- Happy Heart Day

Another card that just happened before I could snap pictures of each stage.

This combination is perfect together.
The way her head is tilted, clutching the heart to her bosom.
Happy heart Day indeed :)

Card 10 - XOXO

I love this card too.
Hearts galore.
The heart doily, the heart she is hugging, the hearts in the mason jar.
So cute.

Thanks for tuning in.
I hope you make lots of little notecards to have on hand when you need to send some happy mail or a note to a friend.


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