Sunday, June 5, 2016

Aunty Vera's Kitchen - Chocolate Mudslide Cake

Wow - it's been a busy couple of weeks and the blog has been very quiet. But hey - it's the weekend again so that means it's time for........

This weekend I thought I would make a recipe that I found on Pinterest.

I'm a very easily visual-influenced person....... I see a picture of an amazing cake and I just HAVE to bake it! So when I saw this Chocolate Mudslide Cake from Beyond Frosting's blog I pretty much fainted!

I know mine's not as amazing looking as the original but hey - it takes skill to get that level of tilt on a cake! (lol)

So - the recipe. You can find it right HERE.

A couple of notes...... for many and various reasons, I did NOT use a cup of kahlua for my cake. I substituted a cup of strong black coffee instead. Maybe that's why my cake didn't turn out as dark (that and the lack of photoshop skills lol)
Also - being an American recipe (sorry USA friends) I just knew there was going to be way too much sugar in it...... 2 cups of sugar...woah! I used just under a cup and a half and the cake was more than sweet enough.

I also used my own buttercream recipe but be warned - whether you are using this recipe or your own, heed Julianne's advice! You will need a LOT of buttercream to ice the layers and outside of the cake as well as to pipe the outer edge. I made one lot of my usual buttercream recipe and then had to make another half batch for the piping.
You have been warned!

I have to say I freaked out a bit at the beating of melted butter part of the recipe.... I really didn't expect it to work out. But look!

Good trick that! After a while it creams up with the oil just as it would if you had started with softened butter.

Here is the batter ready to pour into baking tins.....

After that I kind of got busy and forgot to take pictures. Wouldn't be the first time.... lol.
But hey - decorating is 90% of the fun right?!

Here we go with the buttercream......

And the ganache......

And the piping....

It's a bit like a What More Can I Add kind of cake lol.

Here it is after my sons got to

And I have to say - it was SOOOO yummy!!!!!
Would you care for a slice?

Enjoy your weekend friends.
I hope you get some crafting or baking done. Maybe even both!

Aunty Vera :)

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