Friday, September 25, 2015

Road Test Friday - Grumbacher Miskit Liquid Frisket

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Friday Road Test! We'll be giving our Road Testers new products to try out and reporting back the results and (hopefully) great experiences.

Today Deb from A Time to Stamp shows us how to use the masking fluid Grumbacher Miskit Liquid Frisket.

Grumbacher Miskit Liquid Frisket 559 is a fluorescent orange coloured frisket, for use on hard-sized watercolour papers, photos, and other media, to mask areas that are meant to be painted once the dried frisket is removed.

It washes out of pens and brushes with soap and water, and comes in a 1.2 oz (35 ml) glass jar. Make sure you clean your brush straight after using it, don’t leave your brushes to dry out.

This product contains latex.

Note: To assure longevity of this product, Grumbacher recommends storing the jar upside-down, with the cap securely closed.

Here is a tutorial on the project I made using the Liquid Frisket.

 1.  I stamped Tim Holtz Bird Crazy stamps on a sheet of white cardstock

  2.  I then applied the Liquid Frisket to the eyes and beaks of all the birds, using a fine paint brush. You have to be careful to stay within the lines of the eyes or whatever piece you are using it for. If you don’t keep in the lines and go past them it will show up later when you start to put on your background colour. The Liquid Frisket is orange in colour so is quite easy to see where you have put it.

  3. I can now apply colour to all the stamped birds, using Tim Holtz Distress Inks, sponged on with a dauber. As you can see by the photo there is no way you can sponge on the colour without getting it everywhere, this is why I love the Liquid Frisket

4. After adding the colour I then very gently rubbed on the birds eyes and beaks with my finger, until the Liquid Frisket starts to peel off. You have to be gentle otherwise you may peel off the cardstock as well. So gently does it! You can see on this picture where I went over the stamped line a tiny bit with the Liquid Frisket, it is easy to fix, just add more colour.

 5. Once I had peeled off all the Liquid Frisket I then started on my project. I love how the eyes turned out so white, it makes them really pop off the paper! Here are the projects I made using Tim Holtz’s Bird Crazy Stamp Set.

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Festive Berries, Worn Lipstick, Spun Sugar, Squeezed Lemonade, Crushed Olive, Dried Marigold, Shaded Lilac, Seedless Preserves, Dusty Concord, Tumbled Glass, Broken China, Peacock Feathers.
Tim Holtz Bird Crazy Stamp, Tim Holtz Stencils Stars, Honeycomb, Wild Flower
Various Tim Holtz Idea-ology
Claudine Helmuth Multi Medium Matte
Black Ranger Archival Ink

Wow! What a useful product and beautiful creations.
Check back with us later in the week, when we'll have a pictorial step-by-step from Deb on how to create that fabulous journal cover.
A big thank you to Deb for taking Miskit on the road for us.
Have a brilliant weekend!

Aunty Vera :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Road Test Friday - Thermoweb Deco Foil

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Friday Road Test! We'll be giving our Road Testers new products to try out and reporting back the results and (hopefully) great experiences.

Today the Real Jenni brings us iCraft Deco Foil from Thermoweb.

Now, I have to admit, when I ordered in this product I had absolutely NO IDEA what it was! I know, I know.... I should know better, but hey - with so many new products on the market, it's hard to keep up with all the latest new goodies. But that's what my Road Testers are for! 

So what is Deco Foil? Basically it'a roll of foil transfer sheets that can be used with the Deco Foil transfer adhesive, or any other 'sticky' medium (such as double-sided tape) to add foil accents to your project. Jenni had a play with this super foil. Here is what she found........

"here is the Transfer Adhesive. It comes in a 61ml bottle and can be used on paper or fabric"

"The Deco Foils come in a great range of colours. Each tube holds five 6 x 12 inch sheets"

"Write anything you would like, draw a picture. or simply doodle, on cards, cardstock, wood - the posibilities are endless......"

"it's very important that the adhesive is dry when you apply the foil.
This time varies so much. When you first write with the pen, it goes on "smokey" looking.
Allow it to completely dry until it is clear....transparent.
 There is no set time for this as atmosphere and thickness play a big part
If you are organised I would leave it overnight before applying the foil

When you apply the foil I found it best NOT TO RUB,,,but to PRESS/DAB"

"this picture shows what happens if you rub it, and if the adhesive is not quite dry

"this is it dried and foiled with our favourite craft shop written"

"if you look closely at this picture,,,,you will see "Vera" in the sky,,,,,"

Now this product gets really exciting when you use it together with a printer and a laminator.
Print any picture in MONOCHROME using a LASER printer. This part is really important as it's the toner that acts as an adhesive when it is heated in your laminator.
Place a sheet of Deco Foil face up over your printed image.........

Than sandwich the print and foil inside a sheet of paper (this protects the foil when it goes through the laminator)........

Roll the paper sandwich through your laminator, leave it a minute to cool down, and simply peel off the foil sheet........


Imagine the possibilities......

Jenni's verdict:

"All in all I found this product very versatile and fun.

the only fault I found with it was that the drying time of the transfer adhesive was quite long.
I think when I use the adhesive method, I will be leaving it overnight to dry

Very Happy with the results"

A big thank you to Jenni for showing us how simple and fun it is to use these fabulous foil transfer sheets.

Wishing you all a happy Friday..... and a brilliant weekend!
Aunty Vera :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tabs and Bracket for a File Folder Mini Album

Hi Crafty Friends! I'm running a bit behind on all things in general, and on blogging in particular.So apologies for this blog being a bit of a ghost town over the last week. 
But I think this will make up for it........  today, Team Designer Amira has a play with Kaisercraft's Tabs and Bracket die set and comes up with a spectacular way to use the dies..... file folder mini albums for ATCs. I love them! I'm sure you will too.........

Hi everyone,
I have just finished putting together these simple Alice in Wonderland ATC's for a swap and was thinking of a cool way of presenting them.

I have this new die-set from Kaisercraft and I immediately thought..File Folder Mini Album.

So I cut some out of sturdy pattern paper. Here I used a pattern from Chase Rainbows by Kaisercraft.

I took 3 horizontally orientated project life cards (that I didn't care much for) and stuck them together back to back. 

 I then placed the tabs like so for the double page spread....

And the second....

And finally, the last double spread opening. I also placed the transparent sleeves, which the ATC's are usually traded in, on the right hand side of the mini album adhered with double sided sticky tape.

Next, I placed the ATC's to see how they looked in the album. The bold colours of the project life card were very bold for my liking so I placed old book pages leaving a quarter inch border which was just right!

Next, it was time to decorate the book pages just a little more.

For the first book page, I simply copied the quote over from the ATC. 
It is indeed ALWAYS TEA TIME!! 
Here, here!

But wait, I could add a few more embellishments here.

Now that looks fab! Always go that little bit extra, I say!

For the second book page , I pulled out words from the text which took my fancy. I think they work well here. I also did a light doodle around the periphery.

I love how this last spread turned out. I, once again, chose to pull the quote off the ATC. Added a few embellishments to make it pop and am very happy with the results.

And this is how I chose to decorate the front of the File Folder Mini Album. I was so worried about how to use that bracket but it is actually very simple to use. It sort of draws your eye to whatever object you wish to highlight. I love it!
Very sweet.

And because I was really on a roll, I decided to complete another swap that's due turning the ATC's into important documents in file folders. I just LOVE this new way of sending ATC's.

I am sending 5 ATC's to my friend Cary in the U.S. So, I called the files Cary files and numbered them from 1 to 5. I think she will be tickled!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love it if you left a comment below to tell me what you think. Until I write to you next....

Happy Crafting.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Tim Tag Challenge WINNERS!!

Hi everyone and welcome to the first day of Spring down here in Australia!
Our August Tim Tag Challenge has now closed and we have WINNERS!!!!!
Very exciting!

First a recap......

The challenge was to have a go at Tim Holtz's August Tag and give it your own spin.
Here is Tim's Tag.....

And from our Designers......

Sarah's Tag.......

Leanne's Tag......

Jenni's Tags.....

Amira's Tags.....

Hey, Aunty Vera even had a go.....

We weren't overwhelmed with tags, but a huge thank you to all who played along. Here are our entrants in no particular order.....

From Kerry......

From Michelle.....

From Deb........

And from Fiona.......

Ok - Drum Roll time.........

Our winners (random draw, pulled out of the Sorting Hat by Bill)........

First Prize goes to Fiona!

Second Prize...... Deb!

Third prize.......Michelle!!

Congratulations ladies and thanks for playing! I'll be in touch to organize delivery details.

Wishing you all a fabulous month ahead
Aunty Vera :)

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