Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Mermaid in my Pocket (Letter)

Hello Crafty Bloggers!

I'm sorry - it's been a while, and this blog has been sorely neglected. Through no fault of my beautiful Design Team Ladies who are always hard at work behind the scenes creating awesome projects for us. It's an Aunty Vera thing - life has been a bit messy and complicated here in my part of the world. But you know what they say - when life gives you lemons....... say "WOAH! Free lemons!!!!" 

So this is me getting back on the horse......... (with my sack full of lemons). It's a super hot day down here in Sydney, Australia (AGAIN!) so I thought it would be just perfect to showcase this beautiful seaside pocket letter from Amira. Feel free to make yourself a cocktail... and enjoy!

Dear All,

I'm back to show you one more project I made with Kaisercraft's Sail Away Collection.
A Pocket Letter using Julie Nutting's Sea Sallie Mermaid Stamp.

If you are not familiar with Pocket Letters they were created by Janette Lane in 2015. You can check her out here and learn all about them.
I have joined the PL phenomenon and have joined a few groups on Facebook and swapped with some amazing pocket letter pals!
It's been an absolute joy!

So the pride and joy of this PL is Sallie Mermaid herself. I coloured her in using Kaiser Fusion Markers and I decided to use sequinned ribbon as her scales and her bikini top. 

It is so fantastic- I love how it turned out!!!

Notice the shaker pocket in bottom left pocket # 7. I used my We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool to create that :)

Here is a close up:

The sequins thread runs through her body like it is part of her fishy form. 
Just perfect!

For the top part of the PL, I made a banner using the 12x12 Rope Sheet and if I was swapping this with a pal, I would add her name to the banner to personalise it.

I then used pieces from the Collectables pack to fill in the gaps as needed (this is done by artistic impression and there is no right or wrong to this part).

My favourite embellishment has GOT to be this pirate/sail ship. I NEED to get the die for this!!

Here is a closer look at Sallie's tail where I used 2 different sequin ribbons.

Now for the back of the PL:

Some people do not bother with the back but I DO!!

The back is also where you add goodies to share with your pal.

I love this pocket on the back. I used the matching stamp set and inked the compass and then fussy cut it out to make it look aged.

In the pocket below, I used the anchor die-cut on the rope page. Love how it looks alongside the hessian "rags".

Now for the middle pocket!!
Once again, I used my Fuse Tool by We R Memory Keepers to create this pocket and I used Fran-tage hot yellow colour fragments by Stampendous to simulate sand around the anchor.

There are also shells and star fish that show up among the "sand" as you shake the PL from side to side. SO MUCH FUN to design!

I just HAD to incorporate a hessian tag here too! I love the texture!

Here it the front one more time :)

Thank you so much for joining me :)

Check out the Australia Pocket Letter FB Group here.

I hope you found inspiration here..

Oh thank you so much Amira! I feel like I've been sitting on a beach watching the ships and mermaids sail by! Gorgeous pocket letter!!
Aunty Vera xx

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Off with their heads- Prima Doll Hybrids

Hi Crafty Bloggers

I have such a treat for you today! Amira has been stamping and chopping.... I don't want to give away too much but I can tell you that heads were rolling!!!

Check out her fabulous creations.......

Hi Everyone,

Im back again to show you what Ive been doing during the not so lazy summer holidays.
Im one of those people who gets a bit bored with using the same stamps over and over again so I got this GREAT IDEA!!!

What would each Julie Nutting Doll look like if her head was placed on another body??

Lets test it out!!!

So to start off with, I only have the following Julie Nutting Doll Stamps:



And Aidan (the only boy stamp I have):

So the first thing I did was stamp them all out!!
This took lots of time and in my fervour, I didn't not take pictures at this stage.
But you know what that stage looks like !!

Let me just say that I use Archival Ink for all my stamping!!

Then, the next stage is the one that takes the most time!!

Colouring in or paper piecing!
I did a bit of each to mix it up a bit.

Here is ones I remembered to take a picture of:

Now for the grisly bit!!

I started chopping off the heads off each of the dolls!
If you are doll squeamish, look away now!!

Leaving behind lots of headless bodies...

Like this!!

It was getting pretty precarious as the dolls kept piling on and the heads lolling about (LOL) everywhere ;)

So, I decided to line things up by keeping the body constant and changing out the heads.

That stream-lined everything and I was set !!!

Queue the music!

Sit back and watch the fashion show!!

First in line- Here is Mermaid Sallie's body as you've never seen her before!!

From the left to the right-
Mermaid Sallie with Aidan's head
Mermaid Sallie with Nikki's head
Mermaid Sallie with Taylor's head
Mermaid Sallie with Meghan's head
And original Mermaid Sallie

Next in line is Aidan's body:

From the left to the right-
Original Aidan
Aidan's body with Nikki's head
Aidan's body with Taylor's head
Aidan's body with Meghan's head
Aidan's body with Mermaid Sallie's head

Aidan was the hardest of the group because he has a wider head and larger shoulders so I had to contour his neck to fit on the dainty shoulders of the girl stamps.

Next in line was Taylor's body:

From the left to the right-
Taylor's Body with Aidan's head
Taylor's Body with Nikki's head
Original Taylor
Taylor's Body with Meghan's head
And Taylor's Body with Mermaid Sallie's head

Here comes Nikki's body:

From the left to the right-
Nikki's Body with Aidan's head
Original Nikki
Nikki's Body with Taylor's head
Nikki's Body with Meghan's head
And Nikki's Body with Mermaid Sallie's head

And last of all, here is Meghan's body:

From the left to the right-
Meghan's Body with Aidan's head
Meghan's Body with Nikki's head
Meghan's Body with Taylor's head
Original Meghan's
And Meghan's Body with Mermaid Sallie's head

That was a lot of work!!
But don't they look fantastic?

Now just to show you how much work it was, take a look at this picture I took with them spread out on my dining table!

I had to stand up on the table to be able to show them all to you.

Hmmm, so this begs the question, what do I do with ALL these dolls????
Any suggestions???
Also, which one is your fave???
Would love to hear from you in the comments below.
I hope you found inspiration here.


Wow! Thank you Amira, what a clever project! They are so awesome. If I had to pick one.... I'd say Sallie's head on Nikki's body. But they're all super!!

What do you think Readers?
Aunty Vera :)
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