Monday, September 29, 2014

G45 Time to Celebrate and Raining Cats & Dogs

Hi everyone!

We've been really busy here in Aunty Vera Land, packaging up all our G45 pre-orders.
Yes! G45 has arrived! This week saw the arrival of Time to Celebrate and Raining Cats & Dogs.
We expect 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and the 2 re-released special editions (Times Nouveau and Baby to Bride) to arrive late this week or early next week. Good times!

Want to see these vintage lovelies? Here's a quick lookie..........

Time to Celebrate:

Raining Cats & Dogs:

Aren't they just gorgeous?
Gotta have them?
Simply click on any of the images to go through to our website for more info and purchasing details.

Aunty Vera :)


  1. Yep..totally gorgeous...yep, gotta have I just need to sit down and make something with them..have had them for 2 months now and am still in hoard mode, pull them out of their plastic, stare and touch each and every paper, then hide them again.... It's a sickness I tell ya' ..*lol*..xxAmira

    1. hehe....yep, I have that illness. But hey - that's why 12x12" paper pads were invented, right?.....riiiiigghhhttttt....??????......


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