Sunday, May 15, 2016

Aunty Vera's Kitchen - Chocolate Mousse

Hello friends! It's the weekend again (how did THAT happen so fast??!) and that means it's time for......

Today's recipe is dedicated to the Real Jenni who has been asking me to make chocolate mousse for a few weeks now. So chocolate mousse it is!!

I used a recipe from the Taste website... you can find it HERE.

And here it is in pictures and hints......

Melt 200g of dark chocolate (or you can use milk chocolate if you prefer)
Recipes will tell you to do this over a pan of simmering water...blah blah blah... sorry, but I have a gas stove top and if you have gas all you need to do is put your pan over a teeny heat until the chocolate starts to melt, then turn off the heat and let it melt, giving it the occasional stir. If it's taking too long, give it another burst of teeny heat to get it going again.  Do I hear you yell "Oh no! Never!!"? Well, it always works for me, so why create more washing up than necessary?

When melted, let it cool for just a minute then mix in your 4 egg yolks and kahlua (if using.... I made mine without in case my learner driver had some before going for a drive!) Then let it cool for a few minutes.
While it's cooling, this is a good time to beat your 4 egg whites and transfer them to a separate bowl, and then beat up your 300ml of cream.

You may find that adding the egg yolks to your melted chocolate can make the mixture seize up. In that case, just get a bear to stare at it really really hard... this usually fixes the problem....

HAHA jokes! It doesn't really. I just needed an excuse to get Bill in there! But don't stress if your chocolate seizes up as your next step is to fold in the cream. You'll find that the high fat content of the cream fixes your chocolate right up!.....

Here's a little hint...... if you want to make a chocolate mousse that is a little different.... mix in the cold cream while the chocolate is still a little bit warm. And mix it it slowly! Some of the chocolate will start to set and you'll end up with Chocolate Chip Chocolate Mousse!

Then fold in the beaten egg whites. Start with just a couple of tablespoons to lighten your mixture, then gradually add more until it is all combined.......

And that's it! How easy was that?!
All you need to do now is pour it into fancy glasses and decorate with more whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
A little hint - if you have long narrow glasses like me, use a piping bag (aka freezer bag with the corner cut off.... I hate washing up to pipe your chocolate mousse into the glasses. Then you won't get messy streaks down the side of the glass.

I use a vegetable peeler to make my chocolate shavings. Just 'peel' them directly from the block of chocolate!

Chocolate Mousse anyone?

Wishing you all a lovely weekend with lots of craft, chocolate  and maybe an opportunity to make these yummy treats!

Aunty Vera :)

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  1. Yes....chocolate mousse for dinner tonight kids!!! Love the stare bear technique must r/ber to apply that during other cooking or baking melt-downs xxA


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