Sunday, October 16, 2016

Aunty Vera's Warehouse

Hello Crafty Friends..... it's so good to see you all again! This blog has been very neglected the last few months as we went through the Big Move and all the issues associated with it, but we're back - bigger and better than ever - with lots of great new goodies to tempt you with (lol) and fabulous ideas and inspiration from our talented Design Team members.

Which brings us to my little warehouse problem.

We've been unpacking lots of fun boxes over the last couple of weeks......

Now this job is part fun (all "look at this.... WOOHOO... I forgot I ordered this"..... Christmas in every box!!) but it's also a lot of work - sorting, uploading to the website, putting products away onto the correct shelves, not to mention the added work of collating and packaging all our incoming customer orders.

All of this work is usually supevised by Scraption Man. But........ PANIC!!!!!...... Scraption Man is nowhere to be found!!!! I think perhaps he's gone on strike after having to single-handedly move our entire shop to our new premises.

So - our warehouse is looking like THIS....

We need help! And it seems that word has reached all the way across Australia as we have received our first Video Application from young Zayn (Amira's gorgeous son)...... do we see him as a potential future Arrival of the Big Box Opener? Or perhaps the next Tim Holtz?.......

Lol - isn't he the best!!! Thank you so much Zayn..... I hope you get to play with some of those goodies too!

We'll be back real soon with more crafting ideas and inspiration

Have a fabulous weekend wherever you may be!
Aunty Vera :) 

1 comment:

  1. Looks like our receiving at work!! LOL :) But funnily enough, I love being surrounded by NEW BOXES..makes it feel like its my birthday everyday :) But old boxes are bad! I know whats in those!! LOL...xxA


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