Friday, February 24, 2012

Funny Foto Friday - Beverley Hills High Tea - Bill Style!

Hi Scrappy Bloggers!
Running a bit late with the Funny Foto this Friday. We're actually enjoying a hot summer day in Sydney so I've been getting some 'outside time'!

Well, here's Bill again. Remeber him!? On our recent holiday to LA, Bill joined us for afternoon tea at Simon LA. It was a trip planned many months in advance as we "oohed" over the menu online here in Sydney. Not quite sure what the waiters thought of Bill as he checked out the menu....

And can you believe what he ordered..??!!!!!!!!....

He was going "BING!!" all afternoon after that sugar feast!
But on a serious note - we shared this "Afternoon Tea Platter" between 4 of us and still had leftovers. It was just AMAZING!

Now, that's a good start to the weekend isn't it!

Have a good one!
Aunty Vera :)

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