Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Month of Christmas Crafting 2017 - Oh Christmas Tree

Did someone say December??!!!!! Where has the year gone??!
Well, it's been a full and busy year and now we are heading straight for Christmas which always seems to make time speed up even more. So please try to take some moments for yourself... be it to take a break  with a cup of tea and a Walker's shortbread (there's my weakness right there!!!! lol), experiment with some art journaling, sit in the garden with a good book..... or just sit and admire your Christmas tree.
Yes! It's the 1st of December and this is the day that Christmas Crazies (like me... lol again) traditionally decorate their Christmas tree. I have 2 grown boys and in my house Dan the Man has made himself the Christmas Tree Boss. Seriously!! This year I was told.... gold and red and silver and THAT'S IT!! I had to sneak some of my favourite ornaments that did not pass Dan inspection into the inner branches. Ssshhhh.... don't tell!

I think he did a marvellous job, though he tells me we need to go shopping for more silver. I told you he was bossy!!

Did you notice my special Christmas bunting? My very special friend Meli from Mayflowers Vintage Florist made it for me a few years back.......

Meli is in love with all things vintage and chose a fabulous vintage paper as the background for the pieces. (Discontinued now but I think it was from Crate Paper). I love the tinsel and ribbon and fringes......

It looks so special on my tree!

We look forwards to seeing you throughout the month as we showcase Christmas craft from our friends and designers. All the team at Aunty Vera Land are super excited! Our favourite bear has even got into the spirit!

Christmas Crafting! Bring it on!!
Aunty Vera :) 


  1. So special Vera 💕 Tell Dan he did a great job 👍

  2. Looks wonderful..and a very special bunting
    Well done dan


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