Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Introducing.......... Aunty Vera's Creative Team 2017

Hello Crafty Friends!

Thank you for joining us today as we welcome our Creative Team for 2017!

These ladies will inspire and amaze you with their beautiful projects and fabulous ideas throughout the coming year. They will be sharing their Box Opening moments (always such fun!!), showing you their individual takes on using various products from Aunty Vera Land, sharing tips and techniques that will have you using your Stash in ways you may not have thought of, and running challenges to keep everything fun!

Please say hi in the comments section below, and show your support by following their Social Media pages. Because without them - Aunty Vera Land would just be a shop.

Returning to Aunty Vera Land in 2017.... please give a WOOHOO to Amira from AmiraInOz!

"Hello! My name is Amira and I love handmade creations. I love all things paper and out of paper, I love to make pretty things. From making your own cards, planners, journals and  embellishments to the more daunting processes of scrapbooking and making your own art, I hope to challenge both myself and you to get crafting in 2017. 

My motto is to be inspired and to inspire others. I hope you join us for a HAPPY 2017

I am currently working on a whole lot of happy mail to post out to crafty friends.
I'm also currently working on making paperclip ribbon tassels for planners and friends."

Here are some of Amira's latest creations......... so sweet!!

Follow Amira on You Tube HERE
And on Facebook HERE

Please welcome to the Team..... Donna! Hip Hooray!!!

"Tasmania is where I call home.. Married for 27 years to my best friend, 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 ½ great grandchildren.. I love crafting, reading, movies, dancing and my favourite place to be is home creating"

Here is one of Donna's latest creations..... *faint* 

Get social with Donna......

On Donna's Blog HERE
On facebook HERE
On You Tube HERE
On Twitter HERE

And big cheers for Lolly Palooza who is joining our 2017 Team all the way from the USA!

"I am a semi-retired R.N. and live in beautiful Colorado, USA.  I am fond of natural wellness, hiking, reading, paper crafting, and teaching.   My favorite crafting is coming up with ideas, projects, and techniques that I've been inspired to do in my "crafty dreams." "

Here is one of Lolly's latest creations ..... pass the smelling salts please!

Join Lolly on You Tube HERE
On Facebook HERE
And on Instagram HERE

What an exciting year 2017 is going to be! I can't wait to get started!!

We'll have some very exciting news about a fun new Aunty Vera Land product on the 1st of January.... so be sure to pop in and find out what we've been up to behind the scenes!

Enjoy the last few days of 2016.... and if you live somewhere hot (like I do)... keep cool!

Aunty Vera :) 


  1. So so so excited!!! Cant wait for a fantastic year with a new team xxA

  2. Congratulations ladies
    What a fantastic. Inspiring group of ladies to help and guide and teach us
    I am so excited about whst you will all do
    But i just know its going to be great
    Bring it on
    Congrats again

  3. Congratulations beautiful ladies. Can't wait to see all your marvellous creations xx

  4. Woo Hoo! Congratulations to the Design Team ladies. So excited. I'm following each of you.

  5. Good stuff. Looking forward to 2017.

  6. Congratulations! How exciting ~ can't wait to see your wonderful creations:)

  7. I'm so excited! Looking forward to this fabulous journey. Thank you, Vera!

  8. Thank you Vera for selecting me out of all the talented people out there, I look forward to working with the team of wonderful ladies..


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