Thursday, May 11, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake: Lolly's Gift of Encouragement

Hello Crafty Friends!

Are you ready for another yummy project?!
Today Lolly uses our May Kit to upcycle a ... ummmm.... "not so interesting" wall hanging and turn it into something WOW!!

I wasn't sure how to tackle the first project this month, because I was afraid of not doing justice to the beauty in this kit! When I started playing, I fell in love with the elegant colors.

But the question was, what should I make?   I have a tendency to alter things I find on clearance or in thrift stores, or to make projects that are sort of, well . .  different and don't have a name.  So why not do it again?

I started with this wooden wall hanging that I got on clearance.  Ewwww.  Something about this just makes me not think happy thoughts.  :)

I cut the paper to fit (8 X 10 inches) and used Mod Podge to glue the paper on, so that it looked like this.  MUCH better!

I knew that I wanted some sort of pocket on the front to hold a slender journal, and as I began thinking about the construction, I realized that I needed something sturdy.  I cut out two chipboard pieces 5.5 inch square for the front and back, two side panels that were 5.5 x 0.75 inches, and a bottom panel 5.5 by about 7/8".  I painted them a pale pink with acrylic paint -- just one coat to keep a soft look.

Once painted, I used double sided tape to assemble the chipboard pocket, then I covered it with paper from the kit.  Looking good so far!

Then I made two gratitude journals.  The covers are 12 x 5 inches, folded in half on the 12 inch side.  For pages, I cut printer paper into four strips of 11 x 4.25 inches, so that I would entirely use up two sheets of 8.5 x ll paper.   I centered them on the covers and stitched down the middle.

I attached the chipboard pocket to the wall hanging with E6000 because I wanted it to have a permanent hold.

Then I added some flowers, lace, and other embellishments to the front, and . . .

The colors are fabulous.   This truly looks like it belongs on the wall when we're having High Tea!   For a better look at the details, you can watch the video HERE.

You can purchase a kit yourself HERE. I think you'll love it!
And maybe, you should get some cake first!

Thank you for following along!


  1. Great job! And I agree with you about the previous state of that wall hanging. Looks so much better altered xxA

  2. Lolly this is a wonderful way to upcycle something that was mmmm and now is WOW.. x


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