Sunday, March 12, 2017

Aunty Vera's Kitchen - Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Hello Crafty Friends.... we haven't been doing much baking lately... all those 40 degree C days tend to keep me out of the kitchen. But Autumn is here, and with it milder but still warm and beautiful days, so it's time for......

Today's kitchen post is especially for my lovely friend Jenni... aka The Real Jenni (there's a story behind You see, Jenni knows that I love to read, and love to bake, so for Christmas she gave me this fabulous book.....

Danielle Hawkin's 'The Pretty Delicious Cafe'  is a lovely story of family, friendship and love set in a small New Zealand seaside town. It's quite witty and humorous  with a dash of excitement. And it's set mainly around a cafe that the main characters own.
The cafe is the setting, not the subject, of the book. But because so much happens in that setting, there is constant mention of the food being prepared, served and eaten.
So imagine my surprise and absolute joy when reaching the end of the book I found...  7 pages of RECIPES of food from the book! BRILLIANT!!!!!

I just HAD to make this one .....

Strawberry ice-cream cake? What's not to love!!

Rather than just chopping the strawberries, I whizzed them up in my mini food processor so they were half way between chopped and mashed.....

Isn't the Strawberry Cream Fluff amazing looking?

The finished cake.......

What a perfect afternoon tea treat..... in the garden with a good book...... brilliant!!

I hope you'll try this recipe... it's so easy to make and totally yummy!
You could even replace the strawberries with whatever fruit is in season.

Have a lovely weekend!
Aunty Vera :)


  1. Oh wow cool is that
    Glad the book was good.....and hope it keeps giving and giving with more yummy stuff to cook
    Wosh i could share it with looks eonderfully delicious
    Have a big slice for me

  2. Catching the next flight over !! Don't eat it all. I'm commmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggggggg


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