Wednesday, March 15, 2017

With Which Colours Do You Play? .... Lolly's Favourite Crafting Colours

Hello Crafty Friends!

It's Wednesday so we're chatting with our Creative Team. This month we're asking our Team about their favourite colour schemes in the craft room.

Today Lolly sings.......

"All the leaves are brown,
and the sky is grey,
but in your craft room,
with which colours do you play?"

I'm afraid I don't have a satisfactory answer for this clever question.  Why?  Because I have many favorite colors, and I get distracted by lovely colors, but I'm very changeable.   For instance, my favorite color of all time is purple.  Love all shades of it -- purple, lavender, plum, and a nice dusky purple.  *oooooh* this sends shivers down my spine.   But I don't like everything to be purple.  Like I would not want my car or my craft room to be purple. Probably not my hair, either.  However, I did use my favorite color to do the mixed media on this journal:

 I think my color choice is much like my clothing -- it depends on my mood.  Sometimes I gravitate toward bright colors so that I'll get perked up.

Sometimes, I choose more of a neutral or natural color palette, and I have to say that Tim Holtz is a major inspiration in this line.  The grunge, antique, distressed look does not come naturally to me, but I like the challenge of working with the colors that work best in that style.  Junk Journals have stretched my natural bent toward the feminine colors.

One of my newest interests is the peacock color range. 

However, in looking through my photos, I realize that I tend to gravitate toward the softer colors --  pastels and spring colors that we see around Easter time in the U.S.    

See what I mean?  I enjoy so many colors, but I find the pastels so full of hope and peace.  And that's where I leave you today -- with thoughts of hope and peace.

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