Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Days of Christmas 2013 - Day 1

Ok, so those of you who know me well will be laughing about now. Yes - every year I start this 25 day countdown and EVERY year I end up asking WHY??!! as time swishes along and I find myself struggling to keep up with the days, let alone blog about them!! But hey, I just can't help myself, so here we go with 2013's 25 Day Christmas Countdown.

December 1st - it's the day my family and I decorate our Christmas tree. I love the smell of Christmas that a live tree brings to the home so this year we again went to Dural Christmas Tree Farm to pick up our tree. The trees there are so beautiful and fresh - if you keep them in a proper tree stand that has a water tub, and keep the water up, your tree will stay fresh and healthy up to Christmas and beyond. Last year our tree was actually sprouting new growths over Christmas!!

This year my friend Bill came along to help us choose a tree. (This is what happens when your children grow up and don't want to go out with their parents anymore - you bring the Empty Nest Bear along instead!!)

Bill was quite taken with the 'bear-sized' Christmas trees (no, he didn't get one).....

...and was SO excited to meet Santa!

 Here is our tree all ready to take home....

I can't show you decorated pictures just yet - I'm still surrounded by boxes and boxes of ornaments and tinsel and - guess what? The boys have now decided to join in and have taken over the tree decorating. You wouldn't want to be a control freak in this house! The tree is getting done THEIR

Ok, back to the decorating......and planning.....and card making.....

*Aunty Vera runs screaming from the room*....!!!!!!!!!

(see you all again tomorrow)
Aunty Vera :)

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