Monday, December 23, 2013

25 Days of Christmas 2013 - Day 22...Snickerdoodles!

Hi friends

I love Christmas baking and this year I've discovered a favourite USA Christmas cookie - the Snickerdoodle!!

These are a yummy sugar cookie that are rolled in cinnamon sugar before baking - they're kind of like the cinnamon donut of the cookie world :)

Now I won't even pretend to be the Snickerdoodle expert, so HERE is the recipe that I used. It's from Betty Crocker so it was bound to be yummy! And for my Australian friends...I know we don't have the same shortening products here than they have in the States - just use more butter instead of shortening.

This recipe makes a delicious biscuit......

Perfect with a cup of tea.....

And the recipe makes a PILE of cookies!!!

Aunty Vera :)

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