Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Oops I Did It Again! .... when craft goes wrong: Donna's Plan B

Hello Crafty Friends!

Wow, what a start to the month!!
Things may look to be running smoothly in Aunty Vera land but behind the scenes, it's been PANIC STATIONS!!!!! You see....... the bits and pieces ordered for the April kit were stuck in the USA..... sitting in a warehouse for 10 days before being processed (what's with that, right?!) and then further held along by Customs. Oh dear!! Our Aussie Creative Team only just got their kits by the skin of their teeth... I'm talking afternoon of the 31st of March here! And poor Lolly had to wait for HER kit to make it all the way back to the USA..... talk about a round trip! So Lolly's kit was late!!

Now all this brings us to our Meet Your Creative Team topic of the month........ 'Oops, I Did It Again' ..... or..... Have you ever had a craft project go wrong, or in an unexpected direction? And how did you 'fix' it... or what was your Plan B?

Today Donna tells us about her special project that began as one thing and ended up as a Thingy. And a gorgeous one too!!

 Hello lovely people, I cannot believe how these months are flying past.
Do you believe it is now April, what happened to March???
Wow, as soon as Aunty Vera asked me 'What project didn't go as planned and what was plan B' ? I knew straight away this project was it..  
There have been many projects that have not turned out like I thought
they would but this one, is the mother of all "what happened"!! lol.
  This was supposed to be a Maypole which is this"

and when danced right forms a brilliant pattern..
I did this dance as a child.

Now look at this project, does that even resemble a Maypole??
I made a box, wrapped ribbon around a wooden chop stick and placed a Styrofoam
ball on top of it and thought ok now what .. (I didn't have any smaller balls).
Decided to cut strips of paper and glued and glued them to the ball.
Then sealed the whole thing.

I needed something to tie ribbons on so found this thingy and
decorated it up a bit and tied the ribbons on after trying
wire with beads first (so not happening).

Didn't like the ribbon on the stick so wrapped it in lace, then ribbon
roughly then wire..  the box looked empty so rolled tiny bits of paper and
glued them together with lots of adhesive..

Tried long ribbon but looked awful with the box so cut it shorter. Too bland
then thought what if I stamp some butterflies and fussy cut them which I did.
Then the stick was too bare so I use some copper wire and
wrapped bits around and placed some little notecards to the ends.  

The box was too flat so I made two wheels from empty ribbon spools.
Decorated them up a bit and placed the box on top of them.
Then I thought the box was too plain so added some
die cuts and fussy cutting and yep  liked that.

Decorated the sides of the box and ribbon spools to match in..

Added a few more things to the ball as it was too bare.


And VOILA my 'THINGY' that was suppose to be a Maypole..
OH I also thought about a hot air balloon but found that
was too complicated after all this lol..

Do you know what though !!  I love it and think of it as my favourite project.
What it is or what you would call it beats me but I fell in love
with it and now I won't change a thing. LOL
And don't forget small mistakes could be a wonderful thing...

I hope I have inspired you to create Glorious things..
Thank you for stopping by...
Donna xx



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