Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Oops I Did It Again! .... when craft goes wrong: Lolly's Plan B

Hello Crafty Friends!

Well, our April Kit got to our Creative Team by the skin of our teeth!
Aunty Vera ordered G45 Midnight Masquerade.... TWICE!!
What else can go wrong...??.... 
 'Oops, I Did It Again' ..... or..... Have you ever had a craft project go wrong, or in an unexpected direction? And how did you 'fix' it... or what was your Plan B?
Today Lolly tells us about her Crafting Oops moments....... and oh boy can I totally relate to this!!! 

I'm thinking about projects that didn't go as planned.   I think that about sums up the majority of my projects!  Let's take a look at what a typical project experience for Lolly might look like:

I have a "thing."    I want to use this thing, but I don't know what to make with it.  I get it out and put it on my craft table so that I can think on it for awhile.

Soon, I have another "thing" and another.   My craft table is getting loaded -- OVER-loaded.   Still thinking of what to make with the things.

I start a project, but I need to sleep on it and just make sure that I'm headed in the right direction.  It sits on my craft table.

I start another project ("Look!  A shiny thing!"), and another, and my craft table is becoming a mountain of unstarted and half finished projects.  It's now the Everest of craft tables.

I see a striking resemblance between these breath-taking peaks and my mountains of crafts on the table!

Okay, back to my OOPS:   I have a new project that I have clarity on -- THIS project can practically make itself, because I know exactly where I'm headed with it and what the end goal is.   This will be the Perfect Project. Yay!   Things go smoothly, except that I lost that one "perfect" embellishment because it got buried on Mt. Everest.   I frantically search and search -- is it on the floor?  Is it under a pile?  In my frantic search, I knock more things onto the floor.  I also accidentally drag my Perfect Project into the pile of fresh E6000 glue that's on my craft table.   I try to rub the glue off the Perfect Project, only to realize that I had had distress ink on my fingers, and I just smeared it onto my Perfect Project -- on the WHITE paper and sticky areas.  I now have an area of distress-stained-E6000 rubbed onto my project.

What to do?  EMBELLISH!   Many embellishments are frankly a way to cover up a blemish.  Sometimes it works, and you'd never know that the embellishment was merely an afterthought.  I don't have any photos of the exact examples I'm mentioning, because I don't hang onto my crafts for long.  OOPS on me!

I tell myself I'll be more careful, and as my husband keeps saying, "SLOW down!"

And the most common OOPS I have, which you will soon see first hand, is that when I make loose-cover albums, I tend to punch the holes in the wrong side of the back cover.   Every time I approach the new album, I remind myself to "SLOW down!" but to no avail.  You will catch me at it again soon.  Very soon.  Because, well, I just did it again!

Hoping you have less hassle in your crafting today!

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  1. This made me laugh and I can relate very well. My table is always piled high with stuff for the next project that I usually have no idea about and often starts because of one special little object/paper or what ever. My family think I am crazy, and they are probably correct. LOL

  2. Oh Lolly! We are surely related!!!!

  3. Glad I'm not the the only one! Thanks for sharing Lolly :)

  4. Hahaha this sounds like my table! Yet i never get back to it till about 2 weeks later after attending to bub and work and just having no time lol


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