Sunday, August 13, 2017

Going on A Bear Hunt - Lolly's Quick Weekend Project: Adding Paper on Fabric for Extra Cuteness!

Hello Crafty Friends and Happy Weekend!
The weekend is always a great time to relax and spend some time in the craft room. So today Lolly joins us with a fun little project that's a little bit out of the box..... adding paper to fabric project. Yep, you heard right......

Hello, crafty friends!   I did a couple of quick projects to demo and share with you.  I love every teensy bit of the papers in the August kit (Bo Bunny collection called Weekend Adventures).   I even want to add some bits of the paper to fabric projects!   Did someone say PAPER?  on FABRIC?

First I made a fabric zipper pouch and glued this cute 3 inch square of paper from the kit onto it.  I added some rick rack and flowers to finish it off, and I adore it!

This cutie is going in my purse!  I have the tutorial on how I made it HERE.

Next I wanted to add paper to a traveler's notebook.  I had made a TN using fabric (another thrift store haul) and Pelon Ultra Firm Stabilizer.    I am having so much fun with the phrase strips from the paper collection, and I want to use a couple on my TN cover.

First I planned where I wanted the strips of paper to go, and then I used Mod Podge (regular is fine) to "paint" a rectangle on the fabric slightly larger than the paper piece.  This enables the paper to stick to the fabric better.  I let this dry at least 40 minutes.

When dry, I then covered the back of each paper with Mod Podge and stuck them to the dried podge on the fabric.  I gently burnished the paper onto the fabric with my fingers, working from center to edges, and I especially took time to make sure the corners adhered -- I like to hold the corners down for a minute.

After 20 minutes, I put a coat of Mod Podge over the paper, making sure I went over the edges and onto the fabric to seal it well.  I did a total of 3 top coats on the paper, with 20 minute drying times in between.

Once dry, I could have added other embellishments to the cover, but I decided to not add any embellishments directly on this cover.  The charm dangle and the fox paper clip do give it the right amount of zing! The paper word strips did just the trick -- they gave a focus and added interest to the journal.

The Mod Podge gives us so many more possibilities than just using fabric, and the paper is protected against liquid stains.  One of my friends has a tendency to spray the tea she was drinking, whenever she sees something funny on Facebook.  I'm not naming any names, but her initials are V-E-R-A.  So if this person with those initials sprays her tea, she can be assured that her paper will not be ruined!

Be sure and stop by Vera's shop and pick up some of these adorable papers.  You can find them HERE.

Thank you for visiting for awhile!

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