Friday, August 25, 2017

Going on a Bear Hunt: Lolly's Photo Box

Hello Craft Friends!

Today Lolly finds a plastic recipe card box and .... with the help of a few bears.... turns it into a fabulous photo and Project Life Card box with super fun divider cards!

You know me -- I am a sucker for thrift store shopping.  Recently I found this plastic box that had recipe cards in it.  There are six clear acetate sections, so I thought I'd use this for  "Project Life" sized cards.  They fit perfectly!

For my project, I decided to film the process of making twelve tabbed dividers to organize the cards.  I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, since it's super hard to take over an hour of video and condense it down -- even down to just 40 minutes!

I started by cutting six of the adorable patterned papers in this month's kit into 4 X 6" size, and then I made colorful tabs to glue on each.  I love the contrast of the tab against the  papers!

For the first set, I chose this sweet bear and fox paper.  Divider one has cut-aparts from the papers plus some of the resin embellishments in the kit.   Divider two has that sweet die cut bear from the kit.  I love that the die cut sign allows us to write what we want on it!  Some kit ribbon across the top added to the fun.

For the second set, I used the picnic papers.  This die cut bear gets around!   He's back, begging for "hunny" on divider one.  On divider two, I used the word cut-aparts and some silverware from digital images I designed.

On the third set, it was time to get out that ice cream truck-themed paper!  That little truck is so fun, and it definitely reminds me of my childhood. I used a digital fence I created and a cute puppy stamped image on divider one, then paper cut-aparts, sewing, and a 3D ice cream sticker on divider two.

Next up is the foxy paper for the fourth set.  The bear family stickers in the kit made an amazing and quick card for divider one.  Those bears almost come to life!  I kept it simple for divider two, letting the fox image stay the focus while adding word cut-aparts and boot print stamp images.

The fifth set is with the beach paper! This is such a sweet birds-eye view of beach goers. I grabbed some of my solid card stock to die cut flower petals and added those word cut-aparts on divider one.  Those word cut-aparts have been the staple of my crafting!   For the second divider, I used the 3" square cut-apart and centered it, with a little stitching on it, too.

For the last set, I used the floral paper.  I had a bear stamp that I wanted to use for the first divider, but I wanted him to match the colors, so I made him an aqua color.  You can see that he's super happy with the flowers I gave him to smell!  On the last divider, I focused on the cut-aparts and a compass  that I designed.  I thought with all this adventuring, we need a compass to keep us centered!

I ended up adding some of the ribbon to the base of the box for added color, and I cut up a few cards for journaling or as photo mats.

 Lastly, I colored the picnic bear stamp for a journaling card.  I knew that stamp had to go in this box.

Ophelia wanted to give this project a "thumbs up" but alas!  She has no thumbs, so she gave it a "paw up" instead.  She's a bare little bear without her new necklace, but it was drying after the attachment of a clasp.

I condensed this process as much as possible, but in the end I had to break it down into two parts.
You can see part one HERE and part two HERE.

Thank you for going on this long bear hunt with me.  Make sure you check out these amazing crafting supplies HERE.

Bearly crafting,

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