Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Going on a Bear Hunt - Lolly and Ophelia's Bear Necessities

Hello Crafty Friends!
Do your teddy bears have their own phones and laptops? If so, make sure they follow this blog 'cause this month is all about them! Lolly's Bear Necessities will have all your bears crafting!! (You might have to help them with the gluing parts)

When you have a theme like "Going On a Bear Hunt" it's important to include a bear in the decision-making process. Vera let her bear package the kits, and he did such a great job that my kit came without any problem from the postal service!  Vera attributes the success to Bill the bear, so I decided to show my bear the kit and involve her in the crafting process.  Wouldn't you know, all her ideas were for things that she wanted for herself!

First off, Ophelia was embarrassed that her appearance was a little outdated.  That ribbon bow was seriously unfashionable, and since it was actually sewn onto her neck, she begged to be freed from its tyranny and to be given some embellishments of her own choosing.

She looked through the paper collection (which she loved), and I noticed she was particularly fond of two particular images.  One of them looked like a photo of her dear mama, and the other was a picnic basket -- definitely high on her priority list.   Ophelia thought it might be nice if I made her some pendants to replace that stuffy old ribbon she used to wear, so we cut out the images and glued them onto the pendant pieces that came in the kit (using Glossy Accents). I have to say, even though I have fingers and thumbs, Ophelia was better at handling scissors than I am.

Ophelia also became fond of the ribbons and flowers in the kit and thought they would make great interchangeable headbands.

Using FabriTac, I made some loops of ribbon and used E6000 to attach the loops to the backs of the flowers. Gluing is not Ophelia's strong suit, so that task fell to me.

The loops enable me to slide new ribbons through the loop and change up the flowers on different headbands, rather than sewing or gluing the flowers to individual headbands.

I was very pleased with the results and thought that two headbands and two necklaces would satisfy the bear-cravings, but nooooo!  Ophelia wanted to go on a nature hike, and as a fellow crafter she wanted a sketch book and a tote to hold her book and pencil.

Sooo, using the 3 inch cut aparts, I made her a cute little sketch book and tote!   She is super happy now.

Ophelia went on a nature walk, and wouldn't you know, she actually filled her sketch book already!   Head over to the video to see what she drew -- there's also a tutorial on how I made the tote!  You can view it HERE.

And don't forget to head over and grab a bear hunt kit for yourself!  (Your bears will thank you!)
You can pick up a kit HERE.

I'm so glad you stopped by to share in the Bear Fun!



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