Sunday, June 17, 2018

Coffee & Friends: Lolly's PocketBook Embellishments and Inserts

Hello Crafty Friends!
Wasn't Lolly's elastic-free PocketBook just brilliant?! Now it's time to fill it with inserts, paperclips and other goodies.....

The last time, I created the PocketBook structure -- remember that "traveler's notebook" without elastics?  Well, now it's time to embellish it and to create the inserts for it!  Let's get going!

When I made my jumbo tag, I had stamped, colored, and cut out several of these cute coffee cups ahead of time.  Coloring is a nice project to take along when away from home!

I used a strip of ecru lace, one of the cups, one of the kit flowers, and another image from my dictionary to decorate the cover of the PocketBook.

I had also pre-stamped and colored some of the one inch circles from the stamp set, so I glued one of those onto a flattened bottle cap for a paper clip.

And that washi!  Oh, how fun.  I wanted to use it as a banner clip, but washi is floppy, so I stuck the washi to paper and cut it out.  Then I folded it in half and attached it to the paper clip, along with a strip of teal card stock.  I trimmed the ends and added the "latte" quote from the stamp set.  A few teensy flat back pearls added detail.

While the paper clips were drying, I worked on the two inserts for the PocketBook.  I cut the paper from the collection into 6 X 8 inch pieces and scored the long side at 4 inches.  Then I collected my junk journal papers -- things like wallpaper, ledger paper, coffee stained paper, music sheets, etc.  I cut these various sizes, but most were 1/8" smaller than the 6 X 8 size.

I also used some old crinkly envelopes to make pockets for the inserts.  

When all done,  I pamphlet stiched the papers into the inserts with waxed linen thread, 

and I covered the thread ends with the adorably tiny coffee cup stamped images.

Now we have a notebook with two completed inserts and two paper clips inside!

One last thing -- I decided to laminate one of the stickers in the paper collection, and tuck it into the front pocket, just for fun!

To see the entire process, watch HERE.
and to see part one, constructing the PocketBook, watch HERE.

This kit is so popular!  Get yours HERE.

Now, time for coffee, right?  Thank you for playing along with me!


  1. Goodness me, how can things get any better than this cutie. I love it. I also love coffee, so anything crafty coffee is good in my eyes. Love the washi tape idea, and will use it, as I tend to struggle to use my washi effectively. Thanks

  2. Cute as paperclips and agree with Jan love this washie tape. Brilliant project altogether.x

  3. Adore this whole project Lolly 😍😍😍 those paper clips!!


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