Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Oh, Crafty Thing, I Love You So . . . Lolly's top crafty toys

Hello Crafty Friends....... and welcome to a fun series on our blog... Get to Know Our Creative Team where we ask our Team some crafty questions each month and let them give you an insight into their worlds. Being Heart Month, we thought what better topic than true love.... in the craft room that is!
Today Lolly shares with us her crafty loves........ not an easy job when you are challenged to only pick the top 10 or

You may already know that I've started a video series titled Lolly Tops, in which I share my favorite craft tools and supplies, grouped into categories.  Well, now I'm challenged with sharing my top picks of all crafty things, no matter the category!    *gulp!*

Are you giggling?  I dare YOU to come up with your top picks (without changing your mind).  
Okay, you are right.  I was stalling for time.  Here I go . . .

We can't have a serious discussion about crafty things without mentioning the Silhouette Cameo.  I am still a newbie at using it, but it has seriously changed my life.

I have been learning to design my own files, which has surprised me so much.  I have very little (okay, I have NO) design training.  I've been designing covers to notebooks, paper clip art, memes, cards, file folders, and really cute images!  Well, I think they are cute, anyway.  And -- get this -- I figured out how to sell digital files in my Etsy shop!  What?   Me?  I would not have believed it!

Next, I'd have to say the Cinch binding tool has "saved my bacon" on more than one occasion.   The Cinch punches beautifully lined up holes (this one does square ones) through my papers and my chipboard covers, then binds wires through the holes to make a journal.

I have made a journal on-the-fly with this because I needed a quick gift for a friend's birthday (but don't tell her that it was super quick, okay?).

I have made a couple of junk journals with it, too, and they turned out great.  I have a video on how to use it HERE.

Next, the Big Shot die cutting and embossing machine has stolen my heart!!   Ooh, la la! Even with a digital cutting machine like the Cameo, there is always a place for a manual machine.  My die collection is growing, and I'm starting to emboss, too.

"What is a die cutting machine?", you ask.  Well, I'm so glad you asked, because you can watch the explanation HERE.

Now this may surprise you,
but I actually have an affordable
crafty thingy on my list:  scissors!
 The Cutter Bee scissors are a small pair of scissors that are sharp to the point, which makes them an excellent choice for fussy cutting.  Fussy cutting is cutting out tiny detailed images, and it requires SHARP scissors.  I should explain that I only use these for fine detailed cutting, since I want them to remain sharp.

This may seem like cheating, but my computer is the most important crafty thing I own.  Without it, I could not post crafty videos, watch crafty videos, search online for crafty tools, order crafty tools, design images on the Cameo, and hang out in crafty groups!  I also couldn't blog for Aunty Vera!   Crafty people need inspiration and community, and I love my crafting community and Facebook groups.   I have gained some amazing friends whom I hope to meet in person some day, and I really, really need to get to Australia!

Actually, in spite of all this, my all-time favorite crafty thing is paper.  I consider myself first and foremost a paper crafter.  How can I do that without paper?? I can't!  I love all sorts.  Junk papers, scrapbooking papers, double sided paper (oooh-la-la!), stickers, note cards, tags, pockets, envelopes, paper, paper, paper, and more paper!

There, that wasn't so bad, now was it, Lolly?  Well, yes.  Yes, that was very difficult!  My favorite crafty things might change tomorrow.  As a matter of fact, my favorite crafty things might need to evolve and include the Stitch Happy sewing machine in April!!  

Crafty hugs,


  1. I love all of these tools! Need to get a few of them still... love your blog Lolly:)

  2. Thanks lolly
    Almost agree with
    I am looking at yr cameo...thinking sigh sigh
    Should i buy...haha
    Always happy to meet another fussy


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