Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lolly's Book of LOLs

Hello Crafty Friends!

I'm so happy that the postal service finally got Lolly's kit delivered. We couldn't have a month of LOL-ing without LOL-LY!!
Check out Lolly's fabulous Book of LOLs... it's so much fun!!

Well, I tend to make a lot of book-type crafts.  It's an addiction.  I just kept thinking that this paper collection needs to be made into a "Book of LOLs,"  and as I started crafting with it, I became more convinced that this was needed!   :)  

I made a 4" by 6" book with the holes punched on the short side.  I went with two loose rings so that pages (or photos) could be added at a later date.  After all, whenever something else is fun or funny, it needs to go in the Book of LOLs.  Here are a few of the pages in my book, and I hope they bring some happiness and LOL to you, too!

The cover is made from the distress oxide in the kit -- fossilized amber.  This is my first time playing with the oxides, and I loved it.   I didn't do anything too difficult -- I just rubbed the oxide pad across the left side of the watercolor paper, then misted it with water and let the ink drip down to the other side.  Then I stamped on the right side with the Bo Bunny stamps in the kit, and I colored it in with the oxide as well.

I liked the roll of bathroom tissue, so I cut it up and used it in one of the photo frames.  Let's keep going -- I'm on a roll!

I loved the cut aparts in this kit.  Some are 4X6, which is perfect, but some are smaller, so I left one set of three attached and just made a pop-out of them.

Now, we can't have a fun book without a SHAKER!  :)   Shakers make me happy, so here we go!

I really like pockets, and this one needed some stitching and zig zag on it!

I knew that I just had to transform one of the emoji poops, so I trimmed the bottom of the poop and made it look more like it could be frosting on a cupcake.   I hand cut the "sprinkles" and made the cupcake paper -- I show how in the video!

Okay, I KNOW you are laughing at that one, but I solemnly testify that this poop emoji has been transformed into an upstanding citizen now!

I love this double pocket card and the fold-out cards in them.  Having food stickers on the card pocket is a bonus!

his washi is the best I've ever used for making fold-outs.  It actually holds it together!

There are more pages in this book, and you can see the whole book and the interactions in the pages HERE. Check it out to see the acetate window and the RAG CURLS on my emoji head!

Thank you for joining me in my FUN journey with this bright and silly (silly is GOOD) kit!  I think you'll like it!

Check out the kit on Vera's website HERE.

Thank you for stopping by!

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