Thursday, July 20, 2017

For the LOLs - Lolly Isn't Forgotten!

Hello Crafty Friends!
Have you been missing Lolly? This month has been full of postal debacles.... I can almost hear those awful postal services people LOLing...... but nothing as little as NO KIT was going to stop Lolly's fun! 

Yes, we have had a rare, unheard-of postal dilemma here.  My July Design Team kit got mishandled by the postal service somehow, and even the requisite chocolate bar did not do the trick to ransom this kit.  BUT!  All is not lost!  With a name like LOLLY, I have to participate in LOLs, right?  Am I right?  You betcha!

I saw that one of the fun things in the June kit is a set of emoji dies, so when I found that set in the store, I snatched it up so I could play along, too.  We are not defeated -- we are still Laughing Out Loud in July!

I wanted to make some bottlecap embellishments with my emojis, so I die cut them and assembled several.

I realized that the emoji are slightly smaller than what I need for bottle caps, so I mounted each one on a one inch circle of white card stock:

Then I decided to use Ice Resin, a two part epoxy resin that I haven't had time to play with. I've used another resin in the past, but it yellowed over time, and the Ice Resin is not supposed to yellow. SCORE!

However, I forgot a mistake I've made in the past -- when coating paper with any liquid that has a long drying time, I should seal that paper first!  And since I like to repeat my mistakes before I truly learn my lesson, I poured the Ice Resin over the paper emojis right away.  Sure enough, the Ice Resin soaked through the poor emojis.  They definitely were NOT laughing out loud.

For my next set, I sealed all the emojis with two coats of Mod Podge, let them dry well, and THEN I poured in the Ice Resin.  You can see the difference between the ones on the left and the ones on the right!  These are made with the exact same papers, so you can see the difference in color and clarity between the sets.

My favorite emoji is the one with the sunglasses, and you can see I played with different colors here.  How cool is that?

Since I love the sunglasses so much, I made a SHAKER (yes, I adore shakers!)  with an eyeglass shaker set I found on clearance somewhere, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away . .

And that eyeglass shaker is so COOL that I thought I'd share this with you, just for the LOLs:

Can ya top that?  :)
Thanks for stopping by and having fun with me today!  Make sure you stop by Aunty Vera's website and pick up some emoji fun HERE.

UPDATE:  It seems that the postal service was just waiting for me to get crafting before they released my kit!  It arrived once I wrote this blog! HERE is my Box Opening Video (yes, it's JULY kit, not June, in spite of what I state in the video)


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  1. Very clever Lolly, love how you have layered the coloured cardstock on the back of the emoji faces and then you have upped the anti and layered them inside a bottlecap, brilliant!. And those sunglasses! what a super idea!


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