Sunday, January 8, 2017

Aunty Vera's Kitchen - Mary Berry's Black Forest Cake

Hello Crafty Friends!

It's the weekend.... and that means it's time for.........

It was my son JD's 21st birthday this week and he requested a homemade Black Forest cake. One with layers! So I thought - yipee!! - what a great opportunity to try out Mary Berry's Black Forest cake...... you can find the recipe HERE :)

The recipe calls for chocolate dipped cherries to decorate so I made 21 of them... perfect for the occasion, yes?

I have a confession to make........ I had a bit of help this time ;)

Making a thick syrup with the canned cherry juice was just genius! It made for yummy squishy cherry goodness between all the layers!

The whole cake is covered in whipped cream, and the sides decorated with piped chocolate trees,,,,,, great for those who don't like chocolate overload (like my JD)

Here is the top..... I wanted to add sparklers but got told "NO! No sparklers!!!!!"...... my boys don't appreciate my love of decorating all foods with sparklers!

And the verdict? Well, the morning after speaks for itself.....

I totally recommend this recipe friends...... it's a lovely light sponge and the cherries in thick syrup is amazing!

And you don't really need an excuse - it's always someone's birthday SOMEWHERE in the world, right?

Aunty Vera :)


  1. I also love how you ALSO did the trees on the side of the cake like the original! Hats off for that. Happy birthday JD. Off to a fab start <3 I said FAB not FLAB LOL


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