Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Get to Know our Creative Team - Donna's Crafting Goals for 2017

Hello Crafty Friends....... and welcome to a new series on our blog... Get to Know Our Creative Team where we ask our Team some crafty questions each month and let them give you an insight into their worlds. Today we continue our look at 2017 resolutions.... CRAFTY resolutions that is ;)
Yesterday Donna shared her first January project with so now let's take a peek into her craft room and see what she's planing for the year ahead

Oh my goodness, is it that time already?  Where has last year gone !!!

Can I make a confession, I still haven't completed last years resolutions, nearly but not quite.. So onward to this year, no looking back, nope, nada, eyes forward woman lol..

OK so my First Resolution is to:   Create more projects using mixed media.

I love mixed media projects and while I do create some things, I want to expand my knowledge and my mind, (and that could be a scary thing indeed), to really experience the true meaning of mixed media. I would love to take some classes in this and will be doing some research for them in the next month or two..

I have things in my stash that I have never even opened, but this is the year that I plan on trying everything that I own on my shelves (and in cupboards, bags, baskets and boxes) lol ...

My Second Resolution is to:  Organize and catalogue my stamps.

And the question WHY in shown in this photo...

And do you know the scary thing is, this is only some of my stamps. EEK!!  I so need a better system sighhh... Will keep you updated on this mammoth task..


My Third Resolution is to:    Improve my video tutorial technique..

Well this is not going to be easy, as I don't usually make videos, but Aunty Vera has told me in no certain terms that this is a part of my job, and I will NOT get on her bad side; NO way. Now how they turn out is another matter, but like they say, 'practice makes perfect', just might take a lot of practice lol..  My problem is that I talk too much and say things like so, 10 times in a sentence or umm or I even start a sentence and then change to another one half way through the first one..
I confuse myself lol..


My Fourth Resolution is to:   Create more off the page projects..

I find I make so many cards that I forget how much I love to create 'off the page' projects.. There are so many ideas up in this brain of mind that sometimes it gets jumbled up and what I do create is not what I planned at all.. Does that ever happen to you wonderful crafting people?.. I love taking that piece of cardstock or paper and turning it into something that is totally unexpected and exciting..

This thingy is one of my favourite projects I have created. I am not sure what it is exactly but it started with an idea of a hot air balloon and finished as this..  
And my Fifth Resolution without doubt is: To learn a new technique every month..
I LOVE. LOVE learning new things, don't you!!  I mean WOW with the internet, we can learn anything or do anything.. And if it turns out like something from outta space or like one of our fur balls did it, who cares, and really who will see it but you. You can always throw it in the bin and start again; that is what is so wonderful about our passion, what could be a mistake could become a thing of beauty. You are not going to know unless you have a go...
I am about to embark on another crafting pathway with Aunty Vera, one in which I need to push myself to learn new ways of how I represent my work, and my ability to communicate them to you; the wonderful people who come to this blog to see what we, as a creative team can create from a delightful box of goodies...
So there it is in black and white (and a little bit of colour), My New Years Crafting Resolutions of 2017..  Oh the excitement of it all, so keep tuned to this site and keep checking that I am not slacking off and if I am, please give me a bit of a shake up to remind me to get back with it. After all there is much to do..
I wish you all a great crafting New Year and be safe out there people..
Hugs to you 
Donna xx


  1. Good solid resolutions. I'm still laughing at the first pic with all those unopened mixed media bottles. And your stamp collection must be to die for 💕💕 am following to hold you to your words!! Welcome to the team you belong here. We love having you.

  2. Sounds like plan....
    Msybe i should make a plan
    Never thought of
    Might stop me from plodding along
    Enjoy yr year
    Sorting id playing too
    Good luck
    Love what you do

  3. Love to see what you come up with for your stamp storage ... Mine A real nightmare takes me ages to find anything....


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