Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Get to Know our Creative Team - Lolly's Crafting Goals 2017

Hello Crafty Friends....... and welcome to a new series on our blog... Get to Know Our Creative Team where we ask our Team some crafty questions each month and let them give you an insight into their worlds. Today we continue our look at 2017 resolutions.... CRAFTY resolutions that is ;)
Yesterday Lolly shared her first January project with so now let's take a peek into her craft room and see what she's planing for the year ahead....

With so many people making New Year's resolutions, it seems a great time to reflect on what my goals are for my crafting in 2017.  We plan and set goals in other areas of our lives, so why not in our crafting?  I find that when I set goals, I tend to work on (and reach) about half of them.  That may sound like a high failure rate, but if I hadn't set the goals, I wouldn't have reached any of them!  So what am I reaching for in 2017?

First, I will take more time to plan my crafts instead of hurriedly rushing about to get that next video out.

Second, I will make time to create something for myself at least every other month.   I made this journal for myself yesterday, and it was a delight to work on a project that didn't have to fit any pre-conceived notion of what a journal is "supposed" to be.

Third, I will plan to pay for at least one crafting class this year -- I want to keep learning and growing and never think I have "arrived."

Fourth, I will mail out more finished projects as random acts of kindness.

Fifth, I will plan every trip to the craft store and focus on my list of necessities rather than the new "cool" and popular craft. 

2017 will be great, and I look forward to the challenges!
~ Crafty hugs from Lolly

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  1. First let me say, I have TRIED your 'fifth' resolution and now way does it work for me so I am wishing you all the success in which I failed. lol.. Next I am so with you on your other resolutions and think they are excellent ones to have.. Good luck with all of them.. Donna x


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