Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year, Feeling Great... Julie Nutting My Prima Planners are here!

Hello Crafty Friends!

The year may be well under way but it's never too late to start organising your days, your weeks... your entire year! And we crafty folks... well, we like a planner that we can PLAY in too, not just write dates and appointments. Am I right?

So we are very excited here in Aunty Vera Land to have unpacked a box of My Prima Planners and accessories. We ordered mainly from the Julie Nutting line because... well, you know why! lol
Unfortunately not ALL the accessories we ordered made it here in the current Big Box but how's this for a great start.......

THE planner......... Julie Nutting's A5 Planner "Today I Shall Create Something Beautiful" (and as a special treat we've reduced the price on this one.... simply because we get it! Spending $100 on a planner feels a little ummm... extravagant to say the least!)

Two sets of clear stamps - Holiday Bliss and Make Kindness Happen.
(We expect the other 2 sets - Craft Day and Calendar - to arrive in a couple of weeks time)

Sticker packs!
These 4x4" packs feature 4 sheets in the themes: Party Girls; Lots of Love; Sunny Days and Holidays.
And Washi Stickers! 
These are 6x6" packs of washi strips and die-cut gold-foiled stickers in 4 themes - Winter Time; Paper Dolls; Art Play and Summer Fun.
We are also expecting the monthly themed sticker sets to start arriving soon :)

How's that for a brilliant start to the year?
Are you a planner or diary girl? Let us know in the comments below!

Gotta run now..... coffee date needs to be added to MY planner!
Aunty Vera :) 


  1. Planner girl. No diary girl. What the heck just one of everything for me. XxA

  2. Haha amira
    I have to wait....

    Its all veras fault

  3. I'm just a diary girl and it's only used to keep on top of doctors appointments....


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